Summer Is Almost Over

Summertime is such a busy time for me.  It seems that I travel so much during the summer that I almost feel like a visitor when I get back home and back to church.  I am always so happy when Summer arrives with it's possibility and serendipity.  Exciting trips to see places and people we love, projects to accomplish before winter arrives, garden work to do.  I am also equally happy when it ends and I can begin to settle into a more regular routine again and not feel so rushed to get so many things done.  

This summer has been pretty typical as summers go.  Travel here and there, lawns to mow, gardens to weed, iced tea or coffee out on the patio, looking for a cool place to relax, watching the birds play, watermelon, fireworks, picnics, fireflies, projects to complete and family visits.  Summer is nearly over now...I am seeing signs of school beginning again. Very soon we will settle into our regular routines again...Hopefully things will be a little more settled and predictable especially here at Texasdaisey Creations.  I hope you will forgive that things have been a bit erratic lately and know that soon, things will be back to normal again.
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