Nothing Is Impossible

Do you ever feel like the waves are crashing into your life at such a rate that you  can't seem to get back up before another comes crashing in?  Do the mountains you have to climb seem so huge and scary that you look at it and wonder if it is even possible to get over this mountain of trouble or mountain of debt or whatever the current mountain is?  Sometimes I feel that way.

Absolutely nothing is impossible with God.

So many situations that we face seem so impossible.  They actually are impossible for a human being alone to face.  Believe it or not, God does allow us to get more than we can handle in our lives.  No where in scripture does it say that he doesn't.

That would be horrible news to hear if it weren't for the fact that there is good news.  The good news is that nothing is impossible with God.  You can find that in the scripture Luke 1:37 NIV.  Yes you can read that as nothing is impossible for God, as most do, but look closer.
  It actually says nothing is impossible With God!
That makes everything a whole new game.  That means that I can do it with God.  He is the most powerful, most awesome, most intelligent, most amazing being that exists and he is willing to help me walk on top of those waves and climb over those mountains!  Now that is definitely good news!  He is just waiting on me to be willing to do it his way.  That means if I do it his way in his timing, with him, then his power and grace makes it happen.  I think I will definitely give up my way and timing for that kind of exchange.  How about you?
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