Not An Excuse But An Explanation

Things have been a bit scattered in my life lately.  I usually try to post every weekday but for one reason or another that hasn't happened this past month. LOL  I am not trying to excuse it just wanted to let my readers know that I am still committed to Texasdaisey Creations and that I'm not going anywhere.

This is not an excuse but it is an explanation of the happenings here

Sometimes life has a way of taking over our plans and I have decided that no matter what I want for my blog, sometimes people have to take priority.(Nothing bad just important moments) Hopefully soon, I can get back to my blog schedule and get things back on track.  I'm not taking a break just not posting quite as often as I would like.

I do have a new large project to work on and I am so excited to share it along with my progress along the way as I work on it.  I was going to post some before photos but decided to save them for when I have a bit of work done to share too.  Believe me when I say it is a bit of a daunting project, but I can see the nice bones under all the scary parts.  Hopefully, there will be progress soon!
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Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Life is certainly more important than blogging! I say, no pressure to be on a certain schedule. I do a post when one pops into my head. No special schedule except for Share Your Cup. Oh and now i am going to do a Tuesday Tour for a while. Enjoy life!

Debra Howard said...

Jann you have certainly hit the nail on the head. Let the overflow of the cup flow and not worry about when life happens. Thanks, I needed that! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, I hear you! Life is a dancer that doesn't want to get off the dance floor and rest sometimes. Can't wait to read and see your "project." :D