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This is my last installment of the Angel Fire Mountain Garden Tour.  In this post, you will see great hardscape ideas, pocket gardening, a fairy garden, an herb garden and even a moss topiary in the shape of a dragon...I think you will enjoy the last part of the tour.

I loved the way this homeowner used the rock available to them as bed edging, erosion control and even their stairway.

In this photo, they used rocks as a dry stream bed in a natural wash area.  What a great idea to prevent erosion and to give visual interest at the same time.

In this photo you can see the rock walls and edge along with the pocket gardens they stair-stepped down the slope.

This was one of my favorite beds in this garden because of their use of beautiful wildflowers.

In this photo, you can see the homeowner's herb garden planted in a large container.  It stands just outside the door so that it is very easy to step outside and snip a bit for cooking.

I'm not much on fairy gardens but I did think this one was sweet with its little topiaries and use of moss.

This is another pocket garden perched near the bottom of the slope.

Here is a view up the slope of the largest pocket garden area.  It goes all the way to the top and gives the owners lots of little pocket areas to plant beautiful flowers, trees, bushes, and even a few vegetables if desired.

This is the owner's moss topiary in the shape of a dragon.  This is a new planting so the moss has not taken over quite yet.  It is made from several pieces of trees wrapped with netting and compost.   The moss is planted through the net into the compost.  The owner used tree stumps for legs and antlers for horns.  I think this will be quite the showpiece when it is filled completely in with different colors of moss.  A person could really give it interest if they planted the moss in diamond shapes of each color in a checkerboard pattern to give the illusion of scales.

The moss would fill in faster if the owner would blend up some yogurt with a bit of dried moss in whatever kind they desire and then paint it on liberally wherever they want that kind of moss to grow.  Some soil under that compost wouldn't be a bad idea either to help add nutrients.

I hope you enjoyed this final leg of the tour.  I really did enjoy it and I would definitely do it again if ever I am in the area during tour time again.
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