Make It Pretty: Cotton Facial Pads

Can you guess what I store in this container?  As you know, I like to make it pretty.  What do you suppose I like to make pretty with this container?
Where do you store those cotton facial pads or Cotton balls for taking off makeup?  Are you guilty of leaving them in the original plastic sack?  There is a better way that can make it pretty and make it more convenient.  Here is how I do it.
It has plenty of room to store an entire tube of facial pads (If I squish them a bit).  It allows me to keep my facial pads within my arm's reach and keeps my counter looking pretty.  This is my style of storage container but can find one to match your style too.  Think...anything with a lid. If I stored them in my beachy bathroom, then I might put them into a seashell covered box or find a container that carried through with my beach theme.  The possibilities are endless...think creatively and make it pretty!
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