Angel Fire New Mexico...Paradise On A Mountain

My husband and I visited Angel Fire, New Mexico this past week for our vacation.  I have to admit I was really wanting to go somewhere else so we could swim  but I am so glad we went to Angel Fire instead.  Angel Fire is a beautiful paradise on a mountain and we had a great time that clouded those thoughts of another place right out of my head
Pine trees found at Angel Fire New Mexico...paradise on a mountain
The first thing I always notice aside from the view when we arrive is the smell.  It smells like a heavenly mixture of fresh and clean smelling pine and spruce and there is just no way to get that same smell from a candle.  I found myself inhaling that beautiful scent as often as possible.

Wildflowers found at Angel Fire New Mexico...Paradise on a mountain
 To make the place even more beautiful to me there were fields of wildflowers that smelled heavenly too.  The fields weren't the only place they grew.  Wildflowers popped up everywhere in just about every color I could imagine.  I found myself taking pictures everywhere.

Pinecones found at Angel Fire New Mexico...paradise on a mountain

 I found myself taking pictures of even the simplest of things but somehow all those images tell a part of the story of Angel Fire.

Fishing at Angel Fire NM...Paradise on a mountain
 My husband had a great time at Angel Fire.  He loves everything about the mountains and thoroughly enjoyed the fishing.  He didn't catch much except a really bad sunburn but he did leave a lot of stress behind.  He told me a really funny story about one of his fishing expeditions...he was really working trying to catch a trout when a whole bunch of kids with snoopy poles showed up.  They cast once or twice and caught a nice trout.  He said, "I guess I should have brought a snoopy pole instead so I could catch one too."

Duck family at Angel Fire New Mexico...Paradise on a mountain
 At one of the lakes where he fished there were a lot of ducks and geese.  We enjoyed watching their antics as they  swam around the lake looking for something good to eat.

Holy Smoked Barbecue and More Restaurant in Angel Fire New Mexico
We found a really awesome place to eat while we were there.  It was a barbecue place called Holy Smoked Barbecue and More.  I must say that it was some of the very best barbecue that we have eaten.  The owners smoke their meat completely (No barbecue cheating at this place).  Every brisket gets smoked for 24 hours and it tastes wonderful. 

Angel Fire NM Restaurant Holy Smoked Barbecue and More
The portions at this place are absolutely huge and believe me when I say don't miss it!  They also offer really great comfort foods as specials through the week and the owners, John and Wendy Hail are delightful to visit with.  Along with their awesome cooking they also offer free coffee and WiFi.  You can find Holy Smoked Barbecue And More  out on Highway 434 on the end of a mini mall.  You can also find them on facebook too. Again, this place is not to be missed.  We loved it so much we went back a second time and even ordered the same things again!

Deer seen at Paradise on a Mountain, Angel Fire New Mexico
 We will definitely return to Angel Fire soon.  We are planning another trip this fall for the color change of the aspens.  I have heard that they are absolutely gorgeous in the Fall.  That is also the time when you can get the very best deals on places to stay.  Apparently that is their slow time which is surprising to me.  I am looking forward to seeing Angel Fire in the Fall.

Sunset at Angel Fire New Mexico...Paradise on a mountain

If you are looking for a place to go where the temperatures are cool, the air smells heavenly, where there is lots to do such as fishing, hiking, and more; where there is lots of wildlife, and where the sunsets are gorgeous then, Angel Fire, New Mexico just might be the place for you.
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Stacey said...

That sounds like a wonderful get away now that it's so hot!! Did y'all drive? We drove out there once about 20 years ago. Seems like it took forever.