Angel Fire Garden Tour Part 1

I had the opportunity to go on the annual Angel Fire Garden Tour while we were on vacation and I jumped at the chance.  It was a tour of only 5 gardens and 2 homes that took the entire morning.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the tour.

We started our tour at a home between Red River and Eagle's Nest that had been newly built.  Although the garden was new it was quite beautiful and as a bonus we were blessed with a tour of the newly built home too.

This home had been built on the lower slope areas with views of the mountains in 3 directions and a view of Eagle's Nest Lake in the other direction.  The porches wrapped around the entire home.

The gardens were surrounded by stacked stone walls and had been newly planted with easy care perennials.

Although the beds were very new, they were quite beautiful and I could only imagine how beautiful they would be as they became mature.  The colors were vivid and attractive as well.

The gardens in the mountains were all mulched very well to preserve the plants from freezing.

This was the garden out in the driveway.  What a beautiful way to be greeted when visiting these homeowners.  I think it would be amazing to have a garden like this one.

I loved the bright colorful choices of plants and flowers used in this garden.  They will become even more beautiful as the garden matures.

I also loved that they used rocks and trees in their garden.  This helps to add more interest to the garden too.

They also used grasses in their garden.  I didn't have much use for grasses in the garden when I was younger but as I have grown older, I see the value and beauty they add to the garden.  I am currently on the lookout for new grasses to add to my own garden.

It was a huge surprise to everyone when we discovered that we were going to tour the home as well.  It was newly built and everything was beautiful.

As you will notice in the pictures of this home, it was a custom built home with many beautiful custom details.  This stairway went up to a landing that divided into 2 more staircases that went in 2 directions.  One led to a great sized bonus room being used as a workout/music room.  the other side was 2 large bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

The living room was open to the dining area and kitchen and boasted gorgeous views out every single window. 

How awesome would it be to curl up on the couch with a fire in this beautiful fireplace?  

If I had seen these poles in a plan for my own home I would have been trying to eliminate them but believe it or not, they are perfect in the space.  They do not crowd the room at all and I think they added so much to the room.  

As I mentioned before, there are beautiful custom details through out the home.  You don't find kitchen cabinets like these just anywhere.

The home just wouldn't be complete without a chandelier made from antlers.

I thought every detail of lighting, flooring, walls, colors and even poles were perfect for this home.

This is the master bedroom which is on the first floor of the home.  I could just imagine waking up to the beautiful views seen from the windows of this room.

This is the master bedroom.  Another custom detail about this home is the super tall doors.  All the doors were super tall even the closet doors.

Here is a peek at the shower of the master bathroom.  Notice the glass block window and the pebble floor.

This is one side of the double sinks.  the other sink is just like this one but on the other side of the cabinet on the left side of this photo.

I couldn't end the post without showing you at least one of those gorgeous views.  The photo doesn't show it very well but there are gorgeous wildflowers of every color imaginable everywhere in the grassy areas.  I think I could spend a lifetime looking at these views.  Sadly, the owners have to close up their newly built home and go off to another state for 2 years on a job.  I can only imagine how hard that must be.  Thankfully, there are some wonderful management companies in the area who will take care of every detail of their home while they are gone even gardening, winterizing and repairs if needed.  I bet the owners are already anticipating the day they get to come home again to their beautiful new home.
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