Angel Fire Garden And A Historic Cabin Tour 4

I hope you have been enjoying the Angel Fire Garden Tour so far.  In today's post I share another cabin (this time a historic cabin), a vegetable garden, and a greenhouse filled with vegetable plants.

The Angel Fire Garden and Cabin Tour Part 4

The vegetable garden was surrounded by a unique picket fence to keep any munching animals out.

A Vegetable Garden Grown in the mountains on the Angel Fire Garden Tour

Normally the rows stay covered with row covers but the owner pulled them back so that we could see her beautiful vegetable plants.

View of vegetable garden on Angel Fire Garden Tour
As you can see, her garden is doing quite well.

A Peek inside the greenhouse on the Angel Fire Garden Tour part4
The plants inside the greenhouse are also doing quite well.  Notice her watering system in the greenhouse.

Sun Porch of historic cabin on Angel Fire Garden Tour part 4
The owner of this historic cabin has made many additions and upgrades such as the marble floor of this sun porch.

Historic log cabin details on Angel Fire Garden and Cabin Tour Part 4
In this photo you can see the original log cabin walls and chinking along with some of the beautiful details added by the owner.

Another added detail with the bar complete with a marble top and beautiful wooden trim.  This log cabin has come along way from it's simple roots.

The upstairs was amazing.  I love the use of wood on the floor and ceiling along with the way they handled the chimney.

The wood trim around the windows is also very unique and beautiful.  The views were amazing.

This is the closet door.  I love the arched tops.  It makes the doors seem so much more special.

Even though there is so much use of wood the space is still light and airy with all the beautiful windows to allow in light.

The stairway is also very beautiful.  Most spiral staircases seem cramped to me but this one was perfect.

The home had several arched doorways.  This part of the house also had beautiful tile floors.  It seemed this log cabin had beautiful details every where that we looked.  Seeing all these beautiful mountain cabin homes is making me think maybe we should get a cabin in the mountains too.  What do you think?
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a wonderful cabin filled with delightful details and the garden and greenhouse are filled with so much goodness, and what a beautiful view across the land.

Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful place! and some good fences going on!