Small Texas Towns Make My Heart Sing

There is just something about small Texas towns that makes my heart sing.  One of those somethings is that they are filled to the top with talent. There are a few up and coming artists from two small Texas towns near and dear to my heart that I would love to bring your attention to.  These are all people who went to school with my kids and/or were good friends to them and they are all pretty special to me.  Many of them I have not seen in years but I wanted to give them a shout out and introduce you to some new young talent.  (I do not benefit from any of the links below)  I hope you enjoy these musical treats as much as I have.
There is something about Small Texas Towns that makes my heart sing

The first is Daniel Markham.  Daniel went to church with us, and to school with my kids. He and his parents are beloved to me and my family.  He just released a Rock and Roll album called Ruined My Life.  The song below is from another and has a bit of a Country flavor.  I think you might enjoy it.

Next up is the Hogg Maulies. These guys are all members of another beloved family to mine  Some went to school with my children and the others were very close to my oldest daughter. They are true Texas Dirt Country singers and the song that I am posting here is about a beloved town to me.  It was our hometown for 10 beautiful years.  As it happens it is also Daniel Markham's hometown too.

From the same town  is a hometown girl Sunny Shipley and her husband Jordan Shipley who also lived there a short time. They both went to school with my children.  Sunny is a writer/composer as well as a beautiful Country singer. Jordan was a football player for Texas University, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars.  Presently he is an occasional host for hunting shows on The Outdoor Channel

Last but not least and from a teeny tiny Texas town where I grew up with his parents and where my daughters started school is Cruise Duke.  Cruise was in the same class as my younger daughter.  Cruise also sings Texas Dirt Country and I think you will enjoy hearing this song that he dedicated to that little place and the surrounding area.

I hope you enjoyed these musical treats as much as I have.  Each of these young people are so talented, and special, and I hope they go far in life.  There are many talented people from both these beloved little towns and it amazes me that such tiny little towns have such an impact on the world.  Shout outs to both little towns...you know who you are.  I love you and lift you in prayer.  May you and these beautiful and talented young people be blessed beyond measure.

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Amy Ellis said...

Lots of talent going on here. I might be from Chicago, but many of us love country music. I hadn't heard of Texas dirt country before, but I do see ( or should I say hear) the variance with the heavy twang and I love it. My son is down in Texas and let me tell you, he has big plans for checking out the music scene down there. I'll be sure to pass these artists on to him. Great share, Debra!!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Amy, Texas Dirt Country is quite popular in Texas and Oklahoma and I won't be surprised if it begins to become more popular around the country. Tell him not to miss Austin if he likes the music scene. It is an awesome and unique place to visit for music and especially Texas Dirt Country.