Reluctance To Change

There seems to be a theme happening in my life lately.  Nearly every conversation and situation lately has been an illustration to me about change.  God has been pointing out my reluctance to change.  He has been showing me that same reluctance in many people.  It isn't so much the age old change from sin to holiness conversation that He is having with me but it's more about the position of reaching a place comfortable with Him and In Him.  This position is so comfortable that sometimes I don't want to move on.
When you ask God to move, he is probably going to ask you to move too. Don't be reluctant to change.
Moving on requires change and that is not so comfortable sometimes.  It always leads to better things with God and in our lives but the way to that new place is not always enjoyable.  In fact, that transition time of change can be quite frustrating, and even painful because it usually involves us going from a nice comfy room to a hallway or stairway kind of place in our lives that is cramped and really not very interesting.

I don't write this to dissuade you from change.  It is just that I want to be truthful about it.  Change can really be a bummer at times.  The thing is that if we want God to move in our lives or a certain situation then He is probably going to ask that we move with Him and guess what that means...change.

Here is the good news about change.  The transition part is only temporary and if you will trust God through it, then it will always lead you eventually to a better place.  How long that trail goes is usually up to you.

Did you catch that?  The length of that trip is usually up to you.  I know you are wondering how that can be.  Your attitude and your willingness to cooperate determines the length of the trip.  Remember when Israel wandered around in the dessert for 40 years?  That isn't because it took 40 years to get to the ultimate destination, it was because it took 40 years to get the attitude adjustment needed to arrive right.

Do you know who the people were that died in the dessert along the way?  It was the moaners, groaners, and complainers.  The people who made it to the destination were those willing to say yes to change and they did it with the right heart attitude.

So next time you ask God to move in your life, or a situation, then remember, that He is going to probably ask you to move too.  Go with Him and let Him move through you.

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