My Beach Cottage Inspired Guest Bathroom Redo Part 2

I revealed part of my guest bath redo in my last post but there is more.  I decided that although I had lots of really great storage in my bathroom that I could improve on that even more.  This storage would be used to add more decorating space to my beach cottage inspired bathroom.
You may remember a while back when I shared a cool idea that my friend had for her bathroom.  I decided to use that same cool idea.  This space is the place where that new shelving will be installed.  It is the perfect place to add shelves.  I had planned to install these shelves myself because it was an easy job but my husband was insistent that I hire the job done.  Sometimes we have to let them win a battle so I gave in on this one...next time I will go back to my standard "M. O." and just do it and let him be impressed that I could do something like this.  To please my husband I hired Jim Martin and his Family, a contractor in our town to do my shelves.
Please excuse the quality of the above photo...it was taken with my phone but it was the only one I got with the support strips in place so it will have to do.  The first step is to purchase and paint all the wood pieces before installing them.  It makes things so much easier in the end because then you only have to touch a few spots up.  As you can see we used 1" x 2" wood for the support strips.  They can be nailed or screwed into the walls.  If you use nails, be sure to cross the nails (2 crossing each other) into the walls so that it will hold better.  Another thing to take note of is where your water lines and electricity is so that you don't have any accidents when you nail or screw into the walls.
Cut the shelves to fit tightly but not scrape the walls and attach any trim board if desired to the front of the shelves.  I had initially purchased yellow pine 1"x10" boards for this job but they had warped already (which they are apt to do apparently) so, thankfully my contractor had a better idea.  He used Poplar for the shelves which gives a really pretty smooth finish and is not so easy to warp.  As you can see in the top of this photo above the trim board hides the support strips nicely.  A little caulk and touch up painting and voila!
As you can see, the shelves turned out beautiful...just as I imagined.  I was able to use part of my shell collection, and the driftwood that I found by the sea on a beach.  One of those pieces of driftwood has a story I call "Blessings" and I still cherish it even though most of the shells have fallen off of it now. Thank you to Jim Martin and his family.  Now, I can do my next project to finish this bathroom (this time I am doing it myself)  My poor husband will have to wait to see the outcome (teehee).  

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Art and Sand said...

Love the shelves . . . love the styling . . . love all your sea collection.

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog post.

Stay cool - I would imagine it is getting hot in Texas. The only time I visited Texas was in May of 2012. I was touring Dallas schools and thought I would pass out from the heat.