How To Make A Chalkboard On The Wall

My daughter made a chalkboard right on the wall recently.  When we changed her vinyl covered walls to textured walls, she decided that she wanted one area to be a chalkboard for leaving notes to her family.  It was easy to do, so I thought I would share how she did it.
It was simple. When we were texturing, we left the area that she wanted to make into a chalkboard smooth.  She then painted that area with black chalkboard paint.  Next she then framed the area with a pretty wood trim and it was finis!  So simple, and it can be done anywhere on a smooth surface.
I think it turned out pretty great!  Here is another tip:  Pay attention to what is put on the curb or in dumpsters.  The table at the bottom of that chalkboard came from the dumpster.    Can you believe it?  Another case where one person's trash was another person's treasure.  It is perfect for this little spot in her hallway under the chalkboard.  You never know what goodies you will find if you keep your eyes open.

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Stacey said...

That's adorable! I love the way the color of the frame really sets off the chalkboard. Somebody has beautiful handwriting too....that helps on a chalkboard. :)

Debra Howard said...

Thank you! I thought it turned out really nice. My daughter did an awesome job.