How To Frame a Large Wall Mirror

In my recent bathroom redo, I decided that my large wall mirrors needed to be updated.  Many people like to remove them completely and put up smaller framed mirrors but I liked my large mirrors and so I decided that framing them would accomplish the updated look that I was after.
Here is a shot of one of the mirrors before I added a frame. Framing them is an easy project that anyone can do.  A miter saw is needed in order to cut the angled corners unless you use pre-cut corner pieces.  I like the mitered look and so that is the way I went.  I painted the trim board before installing them.  Be sure to paint the backs too because they will be reflected in the mirror. 
Here is a shot of the same mirror after I framed it and after the walls were redone with texture instead of wallpaper.  The hardest part was making sure the trim board that I chose was going the same direction when I made my cuts so they would line up around the mirrors properly.  I wasted an entire board before I figured it out.  I am so glad I bought an extra of each.
I used a glue that would adhere the board to the mirrors and I used dots of hot glue to help hold the trim in place until the mirror glue dried properly.  Here is a shot of my other mirror before the frame.
Here is the same mirror from above but with a frame this time.  Sorry the picture is going a different way.  The before shots were taken a while ago. One more tip to make your frame have a perfect finished look is to use acrylic paintable caulk in  the seams at the corners.  I then take a wet rag to rub away the excess and let it dry.  After the caulk is dried, I touch it up with the same paint I used on the trim board.

Now you know how to update your own wall mirrors with a frame made from pretty trim board.  You can do it, I know you can!

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