Homemade Wallpaper Remover Recipe

When I want to remove wallpaper, I don't purchase wallpaper remover and I don't use one of those paper tigers to make holes in my wallpaper even when it is vinyl.  I have found a better way.  An easier way, and a less expensive way (because it uses ingredients I already have).  I make my homemade mix of wallpaper remover.
Recipe for homemade wallpaper remover that makes removal easier
It is easy to make.  The recipe I use is:

Homemade Wallpaper Remover
2 C Water
1/8 C Downy Laundry Softener (any scent)

Mix it up. and put into a spray bottle.  That is it!  Easy!

To remove the wallpaper, you just spray the wallpaper with this mix.  Walk away for about 5 to 10 minutes.  When you come back spray one more time and then begin to peel it back.  You can use a spatula to help things along.  I have found that most wallpaper will peel off the top layer first of the wallpaper leaving the glue and paper backing.  Don't despair if this happens.  Just take off the top layer and then spray the second layer. If there is a border it will have to come off then the paper under that. It should peel off in larger chunks just like the top layer.  Use a spatula to help on this layer too.  There may be bits that don't peel so easily, just spray, walk away, and then spray again, then peel.  
Homemade wallpaper remover recipe that makes removing wallpaper easier

I have experimented with hot and cold water.  Cold water seems to work the best.  It is the soaking time that really helps the paper to come away from the wall.

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Jninemom said...

So maybe a stupid question, but...does it have to be downy? Will any softener do?