Why Everyone Is Affected By The Texas Drought

Texas, Oklahoma and parts of Kansas are being devastated by a drought that has longer reaching effects than most people may realize.  These effects are financial in nature and affects every American and many people from other parts of the world too.

If you have been to the grocery store or a restaurant lately, then you may have noticed the rising costs of food.  That rising cost is partially related to the drought especially for beef and foods with grain in them.

Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are beef and grain producing states.  The grasslands, crops, and water sources in these states have been decimated.  Ranchers have been selling off much of their herds because they have no water, grass, hay, or grain to feed them.  They have cut deep into their herds leaving only their best breeding stock in many cases.  Those who have not sold off are moving their herds North to care for them and that costs money.

The price of water will surely go up too as the aquifers, lakes, and reservoirs dry up.  There are many cities who are facing city water supplies running completely out.  My own city has about 60 days worth of water left (so, I am told), Wichita Falls, Texas has about 180 days left.  Water rationing has been taking place for the past 3 years and we are now presently at a stage 5 level of rationing. Lubbock, Texas is already experiencing dust storms more than years in past with 31 days this year so far.  In 2010 there were only 8 days and that number has risen every year since.

If rain does not come soon the effects will be even more far reaching as water sources are sought, herds are cut and as cities, farmers, and ranchers seek even more help from the government in order to stay in operation.

My reason for writing this post is to inform you how this affects you but to also ask a favor from you.  We (All of us in the drought areas all over the nation) would  be so grateful if you would take a moment or two and pray for an end to this drought and a replenishing of our water supplies.

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