The Spring Fever Blues

It is normal for me to get Spring Fever about March of every year, but this year, I am singing the Spring Fever blues...sigh...things are just not good... 
I really am trying to be a good girl and not purchase any flowers or plants which is so very hard. It just isn't practical with our extreme drought.  I am trying my hardest to stay focused on hardscape in my garden, I really am, but then I see my garden magazines, and beautiful gardens in blogs that I read and oh it is so very hard...sigh.
This year, I am singing the Spring Fever blues

Please oh please, God, please end this drought!  Please bring the rains, please restore our land, the beautiful land that You created!  The trees are so thirsty, and the land cries out for healing water, the plants are withering in the heat of the noonday sun.  Please restore us and make us as a well watered garden.  Restore, restore, restore...please restore.  God, You alone can restore.

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