Some Weeks are Really Weak!

Some weeks are really weak!  I had one like that this past week.  It wasn't a totally bad week but it wasn't totally good either.  It seemed like I got a smack down equal to every bit of good that happened this week...
An example of that is this picture.  It is kind of weak isn't it?  It is the last one I snapped with my phone one lovely morning this week of a beautiful blooming rose in my garden.  It was literally the last decent picture I snapped on my phone before I tripped and went face first into my pond, hitting the rocks on my way down.  I remember thinking on my way down, "Oh good my phone dropped on the ground."

When I finally pulled myself out of the pond and began looking around for my phone, I realized that it was floating in the pond. The cell phone was still gasping it's last life and died a few minutes later when I turned it off to put it into a bowl of rice. Heroic effort was made to save my HTC EVO but it just didn't make it.  I guess, it could be worse.  I came out of the incident a bit embarrassed and wearing only a few bruises and a scrape.

The next day, I left without a phone to go see my daughter and help her on a project.  I braved flash floods and no phone to get there. I took my laptop along thinking that I could get Monday's post written while I was there.  There was no post...apparently where she lives they don't have very good Internet.  I couldn't even get my home page to come up much less my blogger dashboard.  No way to post, not even my phone...grrrrrrrrrrr!  I guess, it could be worse.  At least it was Memorial Day so maybe no one will notice too much.

I could tell you several other similar stories from my past week, but I don't want to bore you.  Just know that "It could have been worse." was said quite often this past week and now I have a funny story to tell about how my HTC EVO died and a few other funny ones too.  I even posted about the pond splash on my social media with the above photo in this way:

Here is the last decent picture (sadly not a very good picture true to it's abilities) from the late HTC EVO Cell phone belonging to Debbie Howard...The family is mourning it's loss today due to an accident yesterday. Private services took place this morning at 8:30 a.m. Despite heroic measures taken to recover HTC EVO with rice, vacuum, and even an emergency call to the phone people,it apparently died yesterday morning. The only survivor of the accident, Debbie Howard of Texasdaisey Creations is now recovering from the accidental face first fall into the pond on her property. By the time she was able to get out of the pond, she reported that HTC EVO had been under the water for about 5 minutes. HTC EVO was still alive at recovery from the pond but gasped it's last breath shortly after. She says that the HTC EVO will be sorely missed with bumps, bruises and scrapes that she wears today in memorial to it's loss.

Sometimes after a weak week, we get the benefit of funny with some distance on it (It took me 24 hours to laugh about it). Sometimes we just have to find a positive in a lot of negative. I Hope your weak weeks are followed with laughter too (It really helps!)

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