Mr. Repairman, Please Don't Waste My Time!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone wastes my time.  Aside from my family, time is my most valuable possession.  When a repairman wastes my time it really ticks me off.
Please Mr. Repairman, don't waste my time, it really is valuable to me.

I am given a certain amount of time and I can not get that time back.  There is not new time being made or even saved with Daylight savings time.  There is still only 24 hours in a day and only 365 days in a year and only the certain amount of years that any given person will live so please....Mr. Repairman, Please Don't Waste My Time!

Mr Repairman, when you tell me the day that you want to come repair my whatever, or build my whatever  and I turn down two invitations to go do something with my daughters because you, my repairman are supposed to be coming, then it really angers me.  I spent this entire day waiting on you!  I didn't even go outside or to my art studio in the back of the house because I wanted to be sure to hear the doorbell.  What if I worked outside my home and lost out on income and then you didn't show up?

It just rubs salt into the wound that I was really excited to get that job done!  I was looking forward to that being done and now my wait is stretched even longer and I have to risk having my time wasted another day if  I schedule with you again. I have even prepaid you on jobs hoping it would motivate (that is a huge mistake!).  Put yourself in my position for just a second, "How would it make you feel?"

Mr. Repairman, this isn't the first time you have done this and you aren't the first one to do this to me.  I am a reasonable person, I give lots of grace and I can forgive once or twice, but when it becomes a habit then it really ticks me off! (Yes, I will still forgive you, even now)  But, this tells me that I am not an important customer to you (whether that is what you mean or not). I won't bad mouth you, I may not even chew you out but I won't recommend you and when someone better comes along, you can bet I will go with them.

A simple phone call or text message could have made it better or even fixed this!  I don't care how busy you are (even if you are the President of the United States), you can take 5 minutes out and let me know that you are not coming (or even have someone else call me)!  I saw you using a Smart phone so, there is a thing called Google Calendar.  It can tell you where you are supposed to be right now.  You can also set an alarm on your phone and actually have it give you a loud wake up kind of notification to tell you where you are supposed to be right now!  There are also multiple apps (IFTTT is my favorite) that can send you a text (I bet you get those on that fancy smart phone!) when you are supposed to be somewhere (It will even turn your phone down for you when you have a meeting and back up again when it is scheduled to be over)!  Whatever way you decide to remind yourself, please, please, please, have some courtesy and "Don't Waste My Time because it really is valuable to me!!!

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