Make It Pretty: Dish Soap

All of us have dish soap (at least I hope we do)  It is necessary for keeping your kitchens and dishes clean.  I like to have my dishsoap out on my kitchen sink because it isn't always convenient to have it stowed under the sink.  There is only one problem with having it out on the sink, it isn't pretty.  I have found a solution for that and even better, this one saves me money.
Make your dishsoap pretty so you can leave it out on the counter
All that is needed is a pretty bottle of your choice, a bar bottle pour spout (I get mine at Pier One Imports), and your brand of dish soap in your favorite color to look pretty in your kitchen). 
Make your dishsoap pretty in a pretty glass bottle with bar bottle pour spout
I began using this method because it looked pretty but discovered over the years it saves me money because it keeps me from wasting so much dish soap.  You will be amazed at how much less dish soap is actually required to get your water soapy and your dishes clean.  The bar bottle pour spout will slow down how much you use at a time.
Make that Dish Soap look pretty in your kitchen
When the spout gets clogged with soap it only takes a simple wash to have it working again.  I have had mine for well over 20 years and I still love it as much as when I first got it.   

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