How To Attract Dragonflies To Your Garden

I absolutely love watching colorful dragonflies dip and dance around my pond.  They are wonderful assets to my garden because of their voracious appetites for other undesirable bugs including mosquitoes, and mosquito larvae.  I decided that I need to do anything I can to attract them to my garden.
I did some research and discovered that I had provided what they needed already.  They of course need a pond.  The part that I did not know was that the pond needs to be large enough to have shallow and deeper depths.  Thankfully, I have that covered.  To sweeten the pot, when there is not a drought, I also have a larger pond on my property (Sadly it is dry at the moment) On a normal year they have their choice of a wild pond or my man made pond.

One really important part of inviting wildlife of any kind is to be as organic and non poisonous as possible.  I have had to work at it to keep my pond water from becoming slimy with algae without all the chemicals that so many use in their ponds.  The labels say they are safe for fish but they also say they are cancer causing.  My cats, dogs, lots of birds and other creatures drink out of that pond so I just don't feel that anything that is cancer causing is truly safe.  On top of that, I get into that pond water from time to time in order to work on it and I just don't want to trust it wouldn't do harm to me so, in the interest of finding a safer way, I did some research and found Barley Extract.  It is completely natural and completely safe and it along with some pond plants keep that pond very healthy.

The dragonflies like to have deep water plants to hide in when they are younger and shallow water plants to help them emerge and make the transition from water creature to creatures of the air.  They also lay their eggs on water plants. Having a variety of plants alongside the pond is also beneficial to giving the dragonflies places to light on.  It is also recommended to have flat rocks along the edge of the pond for the dragonflies to hide under and/or sun themselves on.  Rocks are great hiding places for the larvae to avoid predators.  I use light colored stones and they seem to really like them. One of my most asked questions about my pond is, "Do you have any fish?"  My answer is no.  I made that decision for more than one reason and one of those reasons is that fish eat dragonfly larvae and although I would enjoy fish, I decided I would enjoy the dragonflies more.

I highly recommend that you try a pond habitat in your garden if possible, even if it is just a small one in a container.  They are quite enjoyable and the sound of water along with the benefit of attracting such beautiful creatures into my garden gives me, my family and even my neighbors great joy.
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Michelle said...

I would love to have a pond habitat and am considering it this year!

Debra Howard said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed mine, (except for the day I fell in face first with my cell phone that is>) Otherwise, it has been great.

Anonymous said...

I have had a pond for 15 yrs, a small 8'by 4' and I also love dragon flies. I have always had goldfish in the pond to take care of mosquito larvae and I never thought about the fish eating the dragonfly larvae but I know for a fact that at least 5 dragonflies were born from my pond as I found the empty casings and in one case got to watch as one just emerged sat and puffed up its wings for several hours. This year I was lucky to also have several nonstop blooming waterlillies to enjoy.I would definitely recommend having a pond