How Do You Know When God Is Talking To You

I get the question, "How do you know when God is talking to you?" quite often.  It usually comes right after I share something God said to me or showed me recently.  
The first thing I am tempted to say is, "You know!"  This isn't a smart mouth answer really but I am always concerned they will think it is.  Truly, though you do know.  It just feels different and it feels right, along with a feeling of peace.  I always say, "The Prince of Peace goes with His will and everything He says."

In the effort to not confuse you, let me give you a list of tips to help you know:

  1.  It will always always always line up with His scripture. 
  2. If it is really Him, then He can and will give you where it is in scripture as a confirmation if you ask.
  3. There will be a feeling of peace even in the face of a scary situation. (That doesn't mean you won't be nervous).
  4. He will give you confirmations or signs to help you be sure if you ask.  It is NOT a sign of weakness to ask for them, it is a sign of wanting to be sure and being willing to search God out about it before you move.  That pleases Him.  He wants us to search Him and press into Him.  Think about it this way, if your child came to make certain of something you said before acting would it make you angry?  He is an even better parent than we are.  As your relationship gets closer you will need them less and less especially on the little things, but He won't strike you dead for asking, especially when your heart is truly trying to discern if it is Him talking.
  5. He will never confuse you, He is not the author of confusion.
  6. Fear (as in afraid, scared to death) is not Him!  He does not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind 1 Tim 1:7 NKJV. (Nervous, wondering will He come through, etc is not the same as fear)
  7. He may test you but He won't tempt you.  A test is to see if you will do the right thing to show You where you need work, such as a circumstance that squeezes you emotionally.  Temptation to sin is Not Him.  
  8. His will and way always has truth, light and love.  If these are lacking then it isn't Him. 
How do you hear God?  God speaks in many different ways but always through the Holy Spirit in any way He talks. Here are a few:  
  1. His Scripture (It will seem to come alive and jump up at you.) It still speaks even if no sense of anything felt.)
  2. Audible Voice
  3. Internal Voice 
  4. A sense of knowing or leading
  5. Through Prayer
  6. Circumstances
  7. Those in authority over you
  8. Other People (You will have a sense of God is talking through them)
  9. Dreams (Yes, I know Southern Baptist girls aren't supposed to hear Him these last ways but scripture and experience backs me up.  People heard him these ways in the New and the Old Testament, so who am I to argue with scripture)
  10. Visions
  11. Angels
  12. Signs and/or Wonders 

All of these above ways can and will be confirmed by God if you ask.  They can also be His confirmation of what He is already saying to you.  None of the above ways are better than the others, God talking is still God talking, however He chooses to speak.  I am sure I am forgetting one or even more but the above list will definitely get you started.

I could tell you the specifics of exactly where in Scripture the items in these two lists are but that would take some of the fun out of it for you.  Let me assure you, they are all there in scripture.  Sometimes it will literally be there and other times it will be illustrated in the stories.  Look for them, spend time searching His scripture (You can not read it too much, I promise)  If you have trouble, then ask Him to show you.  That is an even better way to search it.  He always shows up if you ask Him.  One more thing!  Don't take my word or anyone else's word for it!  Find out what He says!

If you would like to do some reading about God talking and how He talks, I would recommend Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby (this one impacted my life in amazing ways.) I would also recommend, "When God speaks" by Chuck Pearce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema.  This is an awesome book that covers the ways that the other one doesn't.

Go ahead!  I dare you to try to hear Him!  If you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him Deut 4: 29 NKJV.

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