Don't Get So Focused On The Destination That You Forget To Enjoy The Trip

I tend to be a goal oriented person.  I like to see the goal and if I can't get to that goal it can really get me upset.  It is because of that tendency that I have to remember not to get so focused on the destination that I forget to enjoy the trip.
Don't get so focused on the destination that you miss the trip
Sometimes life seems to come at me with so many hits that I start wondering if things will ever be good again.  This leads to me feeling sorry for myself and then moaning and groaning because life isn't perfect.  

It was as I was encouraging a friend that I suddenly had an epiphany...Life is not EVER going to be perfect, at least not until we cross over into Heaven.  The problem is not that I have problems.  The problem is my perspective on those problems as they relate to my life.  

Somewhere along the way, I started thinking that life would be perfect.  This then caused me to forget to enjoy the blessings that were all around me.  I had become so focused on the destination that I forgot to enjoy the trip.

Life is about the destination but it is also equally about the trip.  God has placed amazing people, places, and things around each of us to be blessed by along our way in life, but if we get so focused on the destination of perfection that we miss them then we have missed the best part.  

So, next time you feel sorry for yourself, maybe you need a perspective change.  Maybe the answer is not to always look for the answer but instead to enjoy the awesome around you until the answer comes.

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