Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

What is it that defines beauty?  Is it how skilled you put your makeup on?  Is it your hairstyle?  Is it what kind of clothes you wear?  I don't believe it is any of these things.  I believe that beauty is something we all have.  I know there are those who would disagree with me but I believe it truly exists in each and every one of us  Each of us has an individual beauty that only we are capable of releasing on the Earth.  No one else in all of time can replace it.
Discover your own kind of beautiful and be it. The Earth needs you
Every individual has a special beauty when they find their purpose and fulfill it.  Every person has it and no one else can replace what each individual has.  Each person was born for such a time as this.  Each person matters.  Each person carries something for the Earth that no one else in all of time can bring.  Each person has it, they just may not know exactly what it is or that it even exists but it does and here is how you can find out what it is and release it.

Take a moment and ask God.  Yes, you read right.  Stop and ask Him.  He promises that if any of us lacks wisdom that he will give it when asked. James 1:5.  If you were given a special beauty that can only be released by you and by no other on Earth ever, don't you think He would want you to know?  Don't you think it would be of utmost importance for each of us to find out what it is so that we can each be that special kind of beautiful?  Of course He does! He wants you to find out and be that more than you do!  He created you for that, so trust that if you ask, He will let you know what it is and He will help you be what He has purposed for you to be.

The best part is that it isn't just the ultimate destiny that makes you release that beauty, it is the entire journey too.  It all matters, even all that has happened up till now.  It matters, You matter more than you can probably ever understand.

Now that you know how to find your own special kind of beauty and how to achieve it, now that you know that you matter and all of the journey you are on matters, now that you know, let me encourage you today to be your own kind of beautiful!

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