Another Way To Cover That Ugly Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a way to cover up the eyesore Air Conditioning Unit in you yard?  I was too and I didn't want to use one of those premade lattice covers so, I found another way to cover that Air Conditioner.

Another way to cover that ugly AC
The lattice covers are pretty enough but they need to be somewhere you can push the stakes into the ground and my unit was on cement so there was no way to stake it down and our strong wind would have blown it down anyway.  I didn't want to add to my long list of things to be built at the moment so I had to get creative.

another way to cover that ugly ac image2
I purchased and painted this plant stand from Ross (my favorite shopping spot).

Another way to cover that ugly Air Conditioner Image

I also purchased some beautiful ceramic pots and a few plants to fill them with...now I only see the pretty flowers when I glance that way!  The air can still circulate and my eyes are much happier.

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Suzanne said...

Love the solution you have found. This is so pretty Debra.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Debra, it looks so pretty now covered up by the flowers, what a great idea! Enjoy the weekend!
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

Deborah Bolton said...

Absolutely brilliant, Debbie! It looks very pretty.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Suzannne, It just made more sense to me than the lattice cover that kept falling over in the wind.

Debra Howard said...

Thanks Julie, I have definitely enjoyed it more than the lattice thing and it is easy to move if the ac needs repair.

Debra Howard said...

Thanks so much Deborah, I get lots of compliments on it and pretty flowers are so much nicer than just plain lattice that keeps blowing over.

Unknown said...

It is pretty unique way to cover up the air conditioner.