What Is Your Passion?

Life is short, don't you think it is time to follow your passion and accomplish something?
Everyone should be doing the very thing they are passionate about as a job. Passion is a strong emotion with a very strong drive that can get you places you can't easily go.

 I saw a photo today that inspired me and reminded me of one of my passions today.  Does that happen to you?  I never know what will inspire me next.  That's OK though because I like the amazing and wonderful gamut of possibility that it opens for me.  It lets me feel free to enjoy every moment in life as much as possible which is another passion I have.

What passions do you have?  Are they a positive force in your life?  Do you follow them or are you waiting for someday?
Project: Metal bench made from headboard and footboard

This is a photo of a piece of my lawn furniture.  It was created with idea I had which inspired someone else to create this.  He did it quickly & with excellence because he is passionate about metalwork.  He has another job that he enjoys but metalwork is something he is passionate about.  He does metalwork in his spare time.

Another man I know loves to do yard work.  He does a wonderful job mowing, and manicuring yards. He has a small business doing just that after his regular job.  I know he enjoys his regular job but he longs to do yard work.  I know so many people in similar situations.  What if we ALL did what we were truly passionate about?

My husband is doing a job he loves because he took a chance after being laid off from a passionless job and dared to do the risky thing by taking a $10 an hour paramedic job so he could follow his passion.  Everyone else thought he should stay in the "sure thing" and continue doing the oil & gas jobs that made more money.  He is now a physican's assistant because he had passion for what he was doing.  He worked hard (and still does).  He is doing something now that he couldn't dare dream of back then.
Metal Bench made from headboard and footboard

I spent several years of my life dreaming of what I really wanted to do.  I longed for the time and ability to do what I truly was passionate about.  Meanwhile, I went to a job I enjoyed, but...I have to admit that when Sunday came, I began to dread Monday.  Don't get me wrong, the job was great, the hours were great, the pay was fair, but it was not my passion.  This meant that I didn't always look forward to doing it.  I didn't mind doing it but as a more mature me looking back, I probably didn't prosper at it so much because I wasn't passionate about that job.  I even resented that job at times when my life was stressed and my house was a mess, and I had just left my baby crying in my mom's arms to go to work.  I just couldn't see, how I could do the things that I truly longed to do and make enough money to live on. I let that guarantee of a specific amount in my paycheck chain me to a  job that was taking me no where except to work every weekday to a  place that I really didn't want to be. One day God stepped in and my life changed.  I got fired!

  That wasn't how I pictured my life getting better but that is part of the journey that took me to the place I truly longed for...a place of freedom to pursue the creative part of me that my Spirit so longed to express.  It was partly out of desperation to make money to help the family but also a passion for creative pursuits that drove me on.  In those years I discovered something wonderful.  Everyone should be doing the very thing they are passionate about as a job.
Life is short, it is time to follow your passion and do something that matters to you

What I am trying to say with this little glimpse into my life is "Do your passion!"  Because you will prosper best when you do your passion.  I am not saying it will be easy, I am saying you will be more willing to do what it takes to prosper when you do your passion.  I am not saying everything works out with success but I am saying you are able to learn positive things from the failures to help you succeed if you are doing your passion.  Your passion for what you are doing is the one thing that can drive you through the hard work, failures, and all around yuck of life to success.

If you learn the lessons, get through the obstacles, and keep on keeping on, doing your passion, then life is so much easier to enjoy because God created you to do your passion!  He is the one who gave it to you!  Everyone should be doing the very thing they are passionate about as a job.  Life is short!  Don't you think it is time to follow your passion and do something that matters to you?

Just in case you were someone looking to find out how he did those bencehes...it is the headboard for the back and the footboard was cut in half for the sides and he added expanded metal for the seat area on the 1st one and  flat metal strips across the seat area for the 2nd one. Either way sits very comfy with a cushion or without.

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Michelle said...

Life is tough at times, but we all must press on toward those things that mean the most to us!

Debra Howard said...

Oh so true! I have found it is always worth it when I look back.