Small Town Texas Blessings

Our little Texas town has been a bit heart broken the past couple of weeks. Tragedy has visited our little town.  It is  times like this that remind me why I am so glad that I live in a small Texas town.  We had a little 2nd grade girl who was killed in a car accident and it has hit our little town hard but this place has made me proud despite the tragic events.

Residents of small Texas towns have a way of showing up when you really need them to.  They did the same in this case too.  There were businesses who closed their doors so they could go minister to the family in their grief.  So many workers showed up to help at the funeral that some had to be turned away.  There was so much food that someone had to be appointed to organize it.  It won't stop there either...in the weeks and months ahead there will be countless ways that residents will reach out to the family of this little girl.  I know that because I have seen so many other ways they have helped others

Several years ago, my husband and son were in a motorcycle accident and the hospital waiting room was flooded with people concerned with their welfare.  Another time when I had surgery, they flooded us with so much food that we didn't have to cook a meal for 3 weeks.

This isn't unique to just this little Texas town either because I have seen similar behavior in the other small Texas towns where we have lived.  I once saw many farmers get together to farm someone's land who had fallen ill. These same people helped my family countless times in so many ways that it would take too long to tell you of all they ways they were "there" for us and many other people I knew.

Big cities have lots of places to eat and shop but that can never replace small towns in my heart.  The way they reach out to touch the hearts of those around them is what catches my heart.  There is just something about knowing that when hard times appear that there will be people who are willing to walk through those times with me letting me lean on them until I can walk alone again.

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Michelle said...

I live in a small Kentucky town, and people react in the same way during times of tragedy. I teach second grade and cannot imagine dealing with the passing of a young child.

Debra Howard said...

It really has hit our town hard but everyone has stepped up as always...aren't small towns great? I love visiting the city but it is in small towns i hope to live always.