Secrets To Giving A Cat A Pill or Liquid Medicine

Sometimes a cat will require medicine in the form of a pill.  It is actually easy to give a cat a pill.  

It is possible to trick the cat into taking it by hiding it in a piece of meat but the cat is probably going to find it and eat around it.  They can be tricky like that.

The best way I have found to give my cats their medicine is as follows:

  • Hold the pill with your fingers of one hand (I usually put it in my right hand because I am right handed)
  • With your other hand grab the cat's head from behind his eyes and tilt his head back.  Use your fingers (index and thumb) of that same hand down to the back of his jaw (still on his head too) and open his jaw.  
  • When his mouth is open and head tilted back I push the pill back as far down his mouth as I can onto the back part of his tongue.  You can massage the cat's throat (if he will let you) to help it go down but this is not usually necessary.
  • This normally does the trick and the cat will then swallow the pill.  I try not to give the cat any warning of what is about to happen because it is usually a one shot deal.  I haven't been bitten or scratched doing this but I won't promise that it can't happen so be sure you know your cat well.  
  • Be sure to pet your cat and reassure him so maybe he won't be too mad at you. Lol.
  • This same method can be used to give your cat liquid medicine too.
Now you know my secret to giving a cat a pill...this one is really useful...once I was called out late at night to go help a neighbor give her cat a pill.  She had been trying all evening and was amazed at how quick and simple it was for me...she anticipated that I would have to fight the cat.  The cat didn't know me but I did it so quick the cat never knew what was coming and it was over before he had a chance to fight.

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