Prairie Style Magazine By Country Sampler Returns!

Country Sampler is bringing back the Prairie Style Magazine for 2014! You know how I am about magazines, I absolutely love reading them and I especially love spending time on the phone with my friend Sarah while we read the same magazine together.  It is the next best thing to actually being together looking at a beautiful magazine.  We have been known to do the same thing while watching decorating shows on T.V. too.  It is a great way to "hang out" with your friends even when you are long distance.

The Prairie Style Magazine will be on the newstands on May 1 so be sure to pick up a copy and maybe you can get together with a girlfriend  (in person or on the phone) enjoy it cover to cover!  You can stay updated on this magazine issue and upcoming issues at the Romantic Prairie Style Magazine Website

I have a new newsletter called the Texasdaisey Rain!  I have been working on new content for subscribers only.  You can receive it by signing up to receive my Texasdaisey Rain newletter!

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