Life Lessons Of A Cat And Silly Things People Do

The life lessons of a cat and silly things people do
This is Miss Kitty.  Doesn't she look sweet sleeping like this? She has no idea that I am close enough to get her picture like this. Most cats are a bit hard to sneak up on. She is a bit unusual though, because she is deaf.   The funny part about this is that I can tell people this information and  I will catch them testing that information all during their stay with us.  They will make sudden sounds behind her and try to call her over to them.  I know very well that she can not hear me and I will catch myself talking to her and trying to call her.  It gets quite comical at times to remind people and even ourselves that she is still just as deaf as when we first learned this.

What is it about people that causes us to do things like this? It isn't that we forget about it.  We just seem to have this need to check it out for ourselves.

The same thing goes in other areas of our lives especially when we are young.  How many of you as a parents had to watch your baby or very small child touch a hot stove after repeatedly telling them "it's hot" and "no don't touch that"?  I can't even count the times my parents would warn me not to try something and guess what?  I guess it is kind of the same as what Adam and Eve did.

Oh how different things could be if some of us would heed warnings and learn the lessons of the generations or people before us.  Alas, that just isn't usually how it happens though.  We seem to repeat the same mistakes generation after generation.  We do this in our personal lives, in families, in organizations, as communities, and even as countries.  The actual thing we repeat may look different and be a different situation but when you back up and look at it with full perspective, it is the same.

Sadly, I am watching  from afar, as a community, that I love very much, tests the limits of humanity, and morality as it tears itself apart.  It is in the process of learning that "A house divided can not stand." This community of people is divided and angry.  Things have gone so far with hatred, anger, and spitefulness that it has become ridiculous.  "Cutting off their nose to spite their face" comes to mind.  They want to "win" so badly that they are willing to go to almost any lengths (even illegal ones), to do it, even if it causes destruction of everything and everyone.

They are deaf (kinda like Miss Kitty) but this time it isn't a physical problem it is a heart problem. Truth, love, and Christian values have gone right out the window.

In the wake of all this spitefulness the city and all it's residents are losing as they watch and/or choose up sides. They are also much like Miss Kitty, in that they have no idea that there are other people watching. They are watching all  that is happening as good things, such as businesses services and protections for the city, that were built by those who came before them are being destroyed and diminished all in the name of "Getting Even." or "Having it their way" I can't help but wonder where their limits are?  How far are they willing to push those limits? When will this community remember the lessons of history and come to it's senses? Is there hope for this community?

I believe there is always hope.  In this case the answer is love.  Yes, love has the power to overcome and diffuse even this monstrous thing that is happening.  I know this because I know about darkness and light.  No matter how dark and big the darkness is, even the tiniest little light dispels and displaces some of the darkness.  It is the nature of light.  Love is light.  Love can fix this if there are those who are willing to spread it.  Is there at least one in that city who is willing to be the light?  Is there anyone in that city who will love despite the hate?  Is there a remnant who will remember who and whose they really are and release the power of love and bring light to the darkness?  I and many others will watch with much prayer and bated breath, to see if this beloved city will spark the light of love or...

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