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If blog posts on Facebook with recipes, projects, and more make you happy, then you might want to check this out!  This really is important!  There are changes on Facebook that you need to know about.
You might want to check this out if blog posts on facebook with recipes, projects and more make you happy
Facebook has changed the way they do their algoythms again. This new algorithm allows only 1 - 2% of Blog Page posts to be seen by followers. They only allow individuals to see about 25% of their friends' and familys' posts. What does this mean to you?  It means you are missing out on a lot of content.  They did this to make room for advertisements (paid posts).  This means that you will see more advertisements and less of the actual posts from family, friends, and pages you love.  

Wow! does that get your attention?  What if you only got 1% of your email or 25% of your phone calls?  Facebook has become rich because people like you joined and became regular users of their website and clicked on their ads in the sidebar.  I saw an infographic that says Facebook makes $230 per second! I saw a post on another Blog that says they were valued at 40 Billion dollars in September 2013.  Whatever the exact amount, it is clear they make A LOT!  They are rewarding the people who helped them make all that money with more advertisements and less content.  They are also trying to convince users that this is an effort to have less spam and more quality content.  (This kind of reminds me of some political speeches I hear.) Why do "they" think that the normal folk can't decide for themselves what they want to see or not see? What can we do as normal folk to see the content we want?

There are some things that can help prevent missing at least some of those important status updates, that great recipe, project or more (at least until they change it again):
  • Begin to like, share, and comment on the posts that you do see from your favorite pages, (like Texasdaisey Creations) family, and friends. 
  • Click on "News Feed" in the left sidebar and change it to most recent.  (you may have to check this often because facebook likes to change that for you.)
  • Change Story preferences  by clicking on arrow to right of post and choose from the options
  • Click arrow to right of posts and take the survey to let facebook know what you like in posts.
  • Use the Friend Organizer Tool & they will walk you through the process to organize your friends
  • Ensure you don't EVER miss a post from Texasdaisey Creations or (other pages you love) by following with other social media such as Google+ or Twitter and/or sign up to receive posts in your email
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