IFTTT My Favorite New App

My favorite new app, IFTTT, If this then that.

I came across a new (to me) app recently, called IFTTT.  It stands for "If This Then That".  This app has made my blogging and social media life so much better!  It is definitely my favorite new app.

IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect several social media platforms, digital media storage platforms, your phone, and many other things with recipes, so that you can put the Internet to work for you.

The recipe is, "If This Then That".  The first part of the recipe is the trigger.  A trigger can be a specific time, day, a post on one of your social media, the weather, an email, etc.  You get to decide what the trigger is.  It can be like one that I have, "Every day at sunset".  So the first part of that recipe is, "Every Day at Sunset"

Next you decide what the "that" part of the recipe will be.  Again there is a huge selection of what the "thats" can be. In my previous recipe the "that" is "send a sms text to my phone reminding me to go outside and enjoy the sunset."

The entire recipe goes as follows:  Every day at sunset then a sms text is sent to my phone to remind me to go outside and enjoy the sunset.  The possibilities are tremendous with this app.  My above recipe seems a little fluffy but in truth it is just one fun example.  You can trigger a profile photo change on one of your social media every time you change the profile photo on another social media.  You can automatically schedule posts, send a twitter thank you every time someone follows you, etc.

At the moment this app connects 92 different channels (different social media, etc.)  Some of those apps can actually connect to other social media that is not included so the possibilities become nearly endless.  This app will actually connect the lighting in your home (If you Philips Hue) as a trigger or a then.

The beauty of this app is it's simplicity of use and the amount of time doing social media that it cuts out of my workday.  This is a powerful little tool and I hope you will give it a look.

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