How To Overcome Obstacles

There are always going to be obstacles that pop up in life.  The difference between those who overcome them and those who truly fail is that the overcomers didn't give up.
Learn how to overcome obstacles
It doesn't matter who you are, there will always be obstacles that appear in your life.  It is just a normal part of life.  A very important part of overcoming obstacles is not giving up.  Giving up guarantees failure.  Failure when you are trying isn't really failure it is just a learning lesson unless you give up and quit, then it becomes failure.

The obstacles can really be a positive thing because they separate the committed ones from the half-hearted ones.  They can also improve your strength and wisdom because you gain both when you try and fail and then try again to overcome obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles is greatly influenced by attitude towards obstacles.  I have found that in my own life I could let the obstacles stress me out, cause me emotional distress, and general unhappiness or instead of falling into that trap, I could decide that I was going to enjoy it, especially when I know I am purposed by God to be on a certain path.  I just decide in my heart that I know God is with me and that He wants to show off a bit (Males who want to win your love do that sometimes).  That simple understanding helps me to relax, and instead of thinking "What am I going to do?", I begin to enjoy the circumstance and say, "What are You going to do God, to help me overcome this?"

That simple difference in thinking allows me to back up from it and actually enjoy it.  It is much easier when we realize that our problem is really not ours at all but it is actually His.  He wants us to lean on Him and He wants a chance to win our love, affection, and faith.  He allows obstacles in our lives to see if we will really trust Him.  In every obstacle He is asking, "Will you trust me even in this?"

There you have it.  The information on how to overcome obstacles:  Never give up, learn when you fail, and lean on God to help with the right heart attitude.  You can do it!  I know you can!  I leave you with a wise quote that I love:  "Obstacles don't have to stop you.  When you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.  Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ~Michael Jordan~

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