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Resources for Extreme Couponing SAHMs

If you have watched Extreme Couponing on T.V. then you know it is possible to get your groceries for a very low cost if you learn how to work your coupons and the sales right.

When I was raising my family I had $200 each month to spend on groceries and that had to include $40 worth of diapers.  This had to feed a family of 5.  I learned how to use coupons because I had to.  I also learned how to stretch my groceries to the max.

The biggest problem with extreme couponing is that it can be a huge time suck.  I use coupons when I can but I don't fret over it if I can't because I have decided that with my life at the moment it isn't practical for me to spend the extra time in that area.  You can bet, that if things got tough enough financially, I would be using them much more.  It is all about what your priorities are.

Let me give you a warning:  There are some bloggers and couponers who use illegal methods to cheat in using coupons.  Understand that this is wrong and it is dangerous.  I do not advocate this in any way for any reason.  There are plenty of ways to save without cheating.  Beware!  Be sure to check the coupon policies of the stores you shop at, and check the coupon laws in your state.  Don't end up in jail and humiliated because you tried to save a few dollars...it isn't worth it!

I have read many books and blogs about using coupons to the extreme and because there are so many great ones out there, I am not going to attempt to teach you this...instead I will direct you to the places you can find the coupons and find the information on how to use them at their maximum potential.

There are 1000's of Coupon and Frugal Shopping blogs on the Internet.  Some are average and some are great. I will give you a list to get you started.  My favorites are as follows:

Coupon Mom : She does the hard work for you...she matches the coupon with the best deal and even tells you where to get the coupons and also provides a link to them when applicable.  You can fine tune what stores you have and what area you are in to download a printable that tells you the deal, the coupons, the final price and the percentage of savings.  It doesn't get much better than that!  Don't miss this website!

The Krazy Coupon Lady:  She has a great website where she gives you deals and coupon sources.  She also has great tips for beginners that are helpful in understanding coupons.  She has a great book that I purchased called "Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey".  It was a great read and it was my favorite book out of all that I purchased.  (you can purchase from her or check Amazon for a used one (save money here too)

Money Saving Mom: She offers up great recipes along with her coupon deals and sources.  She also has other great frugal money saving tips and lifestyle tips that are helpful for the SAHM.  Be sure to check out her Freebie and giveaway section.

Stockpiling Moms:  They teach you the ins and outs of stockpiling along with offering a coupon database, recipes, and many many tips.

Bargain Shopper Lady:  She helps you find deals and coupons for groceries but also in other areas such as restaurants, clothing, hotels, etc.

Save At Home Mommy: She has a hip blog with deals, coupons and tons of frugal tips.

Consumer Queen: She teaches you how to coupon, offers deals, coupons, and more.

Living Chic On The Cheap: She offers up coupons, deals and frugal tips for beauty products, fashion, children, pets, and home products.

All You List of Coupon Blogs:  All You Magazine has a top 10 list you can check out and while you are there be sure to check out the rest of their great website.

Coupon Sources:

There are lots of places to get coupons.  The list below is only the highlights of my favorite places.  The blogs above will no doubt give you lots of other sources.

The Sunday Newspaper Paper
Store Websites & Coupon Savings Clubs & Cards
Product Websites & Social Media Sites
All You Magazine
Coupon Clippers:  People who clip and offer you the coupons for a small clipping fee. You can find sources for these on the blogs.



Red Plum

Savings Star

Target Coupons

Walmart Coupons

Dollar General Coupons

Family Dollar Coupons

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