A Free Pass!

At the culmination of the Lent season comes the time of Passover and the day known to the church as  Black Friday because it is the day traditionally when we remember the day our Lord Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world.

It is a day of sadness, and grief, a day of reflection as we reflect on our many sins that He bore for us.

How painful that must have been for Him not only physically but emotionally too.

He was separated from the love of the Father for the first time ever!  He did that for us!

It is also a day of great joy as we realize the import of what He did for us.  He became the Passover lamb whose blood was used as a covering over our places of abode (our Bodies) and Souls and it washed our Spirits Clean.  That blood tells the spirit of death to keep going because this one is marked for the Kingdom of God  It is through Him and only Him, His name is Jesus of Nazareth, Son of The Most High God that we get a free pass into the kingdom of God.  A free pass into a personal relationship with Him and The Father!  A free pass to be the Bride of Christ and one of the Sons of God! Not free for Him but free to us and He gladly gives us that gift!  We only have to receive it.

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