What To Feed Your Cat

How To feed your cat or kitten
You brought the sweet kitty home and now you are wondering what in the world to feed this critter. Hopefully you will have a long healthy relationship together. If you are about to pour that sweet baby a saucer of milk...Stop!

If you find an orphaned kitty who is not old enough to be weaned yet then purchase the specially formulated kitten formula.  You can purchase the little bottles but I have found that an ear bulb syringe works nicely for this too.

Be sure your cat has plenty of fresh water. It is essential for good health. They can be finicky little creatures so I have learned they tend to like the water better if served from a metal, glass, or ceramic bowl. It keeps the water a bit cooler. Those flowing waterers work well too.  If there is more than one cat in the house and you find something (like the little plastic pull off thing from milk, a plastic lid, or pony tail holder) in their water then you have a turf war firing up. Make sure you give each their own bowl in that case so it doesn't progress into spraying.

Cats are obligate carnivores (fancy words that mean they must have meat). They don't have a choice if they are to remain in top health. They need the taurine found in meat. I am sorry, but cats are not created to be vegans or vegetarians.  There may be cat foods out that are meatless but it is not adequate as a single source of nutrition. If you are wanting a vegan pet then maybe a bird would be a better choice for you.

When choosing a cat food be sure it has adequate protein content and other vital nutrients. Their is tons of information to be found online about this. Dog food does not have enough protein. It can fill their tummy in a pinch but not as a regular food source. I like to feed dry cat food and use the canned food as special treats. I also use the canned food to begin training kittens to make the change over to solid foods.  Canned food can be smelled all over the neighborhood by cats. When kitty won't come out of the tree or from somewhere else undesirable then canned food and a call of her name will bring her running. They are led by their noses.  She may bring friends along too (Lol).

Cat Treats that are specially marked for cats are great

Cats love to nibble on cat grass.  You can buy seeds or pots of grass at the pet store.

It is important to feed your cat food that will be nutritional and not unhealthy or even dangerous so that you can have a long happy relationship with your pet. Hopefully you will have an idea of the good things for your pet. Next week I will discuss foods that can be dangerous and even fatal for cats..

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