Somewhere in Texas

Here is some eye candy for some of you who are deep into winter still.  This is one reason I love Texas so very much...The beautiful Texas wildflowers that bloom in April every year. 

I went to see a much beloved place in Texas for me. My dear hubby and I went to visit the hill country. We found a feast for our eyes. We drove one of the many bluebonnet trails around Fredricksburg and found an absolutely delightful place.

We cruised out of Fredricksburg, Texas on highway 16 which leads to Llano, Texas.

We drove out to the Willow City Loop which is a narrow farm to market road that loops around and takes you through some very beautiful ranch land in Texas.

The wildflowers were in full bloom and it was beautiful.

The colors were so bright it that it amazed me.

It was so gorgeous to gaze over the valleys and see streams of blue flowers.

What a blessing to live somewhere so beautiful.

Every turn and dip and hill brought us to another gorgeous view

I couldn't stop taking pictures

I wanted to remember every sight.

Even the grass and the trees put on a lime green show for us.

The scent of the bluebonnets in the air was wonderful.

I found sparkling delights everywhere I turned.

I kept wondering how God must have delighted as He created this part of the world.

And I knew how the first settlers must have fallen in love with the land when they saw nature's beautiful display in this place.

Especially if they saw it in its springtime bloom.

I began to feel a connection to Lady Bird Johnson who had so much passion for the Texas wildflowers and did so much to ensure they were planted along Texas highways.

I am so thankful for her work in this.

We came around a bend and there before us was a whole slew full of dune buggies. I laughed as I quickly snapped a picture of the sight.

I know the locals must have many irritations because of the flower seekers and I am so thankful that we are allowed to visit their part of the world for just a bit.

I hope you enjoy seeing just a few of the pictures I took.

It was so difficult trying to decide which ones to post.

because every picture was so beautiful.

Just like every view was beautiful in this part of Texas.

Until Next Time

Published originally 4/19/2012 2:29 p.m.
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mbkatc230 said...

Such gorgeous pictures Debbie! Aren't the wildflowers amazing this year? This is the best year for them I can remember for quite some time. I have always just adored Lady Bird, and the work she did to beautify our wonderful state is an amazing legacy! Thanks for posting this. Kathy

Karen said...

I loved your pictures!! I never can get my fill of bluebonnets. They're the greatest.
Keep snappin'!
Ladybug Creek

Kay said...

Just beautiful. I am such a fan of wildflowers. I think they are one of God's prettiest gifts to us.
I love the first photo...the red/white/blue flowers. Reminds me of our beloved American Flag.

jamjar said...

I just found your blog and wasn't I lucky to find it on a day with such gorgeous photos!!! I'm in Kansas but I've always wanted to live in Texas...I've been pushing for a road trip to Fredricksburg (sic) and when I show this post to hubby it will probably do the trick!!!Thank you so much. Oh, and I'll be back, definitely!!!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

wonderful bluebonnets this year, at least from what I saw around DeWitt County two weeks ago. I have to say, that photo of Pedro the cat is great! At first, I noticed he was yawning...but can easily imagine he's actually ROARING!! *roar*

Chef E said...

Well hello, I was searching for tumbleweed photos, as I need a few for my poetry book, and here I found you.

I am a Fort Worth Gal who grew up on north Dallas, and now live in New Jersey. That does just not seem right does it, lol, I followed my new husband here, he is from NYC. Okay now I sound like the Pace Picante commercial :)

Got any tumbleweed photos? Got room for another friend? I blog too, one for poetry and stories, and another with my food journeys

I left six years ago after losing my daughter to CHD, my parents to old age, and have a son and a wonderful man in my life (sometimes he he)

I will be back! We are hard to get rid of like sticker grass!


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

How lovely to see such pretty wildflowers everywhere and so many of them. A x