Something Clicked

I have had a path to follow for quite some time.  I have seen it clearly and I know which direction I am supposed to go. I only have one problem. I have been waiting for others around me to see the path too. I have patiently waited while the path beckoned to me. I have had several moments of frustration because those others I wait on do not see the path.  God has been so clear about it. I know that I know which way I am go.

I have waited for those over me and even those around me to see, thinking I was supposed to take them with me.

Today something clicked for me.  I realized that if I wait on those around me to see the path then the possibility I see may close.  When I was raising my children I always had a saying, "We make our own roads." It was a way to illustrate to them that we don't always need to go with the crowd. Today it occurred to me that this was one of those times in my life.

I must go ahead and make a campfire so the others behind me can see the way.

I know the trail that I  forge may not be easy. It may be God and I alone but I am willing to trust Him. He has never let me down . He has apparently called me to be the trail blazer.  Oh how my words have come back to encourage me (or haunt me, I'm not sure which).  "We make our own roads!"

OK God, Let's Do This!
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Michelle said...

We make our own roads - wise words!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you Michelle. It was one that my kids heard a lot.