Secrets To Choosing Blog Colors

Secrets to choosing Blog Colors, room colors, design colors
The colors that you choose for your blog are as important as the images and the content. The colors you choose say so much to those who land on your blog about who you are and the mood of your blog.

Secret to choosing color palette in design of blog, room, or other
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A great place to find great color combinations for your blog can be from a photo, a fabric, a painting, a pillow, a rug, a label, a room, other blogs, websites, or just about anything you love.  The places for color inspiration are endless.

I use Turquoise, Pink, and Green on my blog because they are my absolute favorite colors.  They have always been my favorite. I can remember keeping these three colors from my crayon box in my pocket because I loved them so much that I wanted them with me all the time. It used to be crayons but now, I like those colors with me in markers!

There are some great websites just about color palettes that you can check out too.  They put color combinations together based on photos.  They can save you some time looking simply by doing all the work for you.
Design secret to use design seeds color palette for choosing your blog colors.
Design Seeds.com

Design Seeds is one of my favorites.  They make a complete color palette based on a photo.  Be careful because looking at their beautiful palettes can suck you in for hours!

Kuler by Adobe is a site where you can upload your photo and get a color palette based on your photo. You can zone into just part of your image and you can change the hue of your final palette. Once you have finished your choices you can then share your palette with the community. This option is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Service which requires a membership.  One of the cool things about this option is that it gives you the hex color number which is important for you to know for your blog (I discuss that more below.)
secrets to choosing blog colors; find palette of colors on Chip it

Chip It is a site by Sherwin Williams where you can upload your image and they will give you a paint palette based on Sherwin Williams paint colors.  The cool part about this site is that you can chip it with an add on to your toolbar which allows you to find an image or web page online and get a color palette.  You can then save it in a pdf file and/or share it online to your favorite social media.

The best color palette for a blog is usually kept to 3 colors.  This is best for just about any place you are designing or decorating.  A secret that many may not know is that when you pick a palette, and you find the paint strip for each of those colors...then... all those colors of green (or whatever) on that paint strip count as the same color.  That means you can use any of those shades on that paint strip and it will go with the room and/or blog, and it still only counts as that 1 color! (that is why I can have that lighter turquoise/aqua in my background) It is best to be careful and not go too crazy with color though because you don't want so much going on that your eye has no place to rest.

I mentioned the hex numbers for your colors above and promised to tell you about them.  Hex color numbers are the standardized specific numbers given to every color used on the Internet or in programs like Photoshop.  It is important for you to find what the hex numbers are for your color palette so that you can keep your colors consistent on you blog platform, and in any design apps or programs that you use. This will keep your blog looking beautiful and consistent. You can get hex numbers for your palette on Kuler, the website  I mentioned above, you can also do it several other ways.  One way how to find hex colors is on Ehow. If you have time to play around you can also find your own hex colors on a Hex color generator

Spend some time this week working on the colors for your blog.  What colors make you happy? What are your favorite combinations?  Why and what do they speak to you?  Don't skip this step because spending time choosing your colors is an important part of blog design. I would love to hear from you, how you chose your colors in the comments!

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A Labour of Life said...

I am a turquoise and pink and green gal as well

Debra Howard said...

Yay! for the turquoise pink and green girls!!! I always love it when I find a kindred spirit!