Live In The Moment

Live in the moment! Seize the day! Enjoy the journey as much as the arrival!
I can remember dreaming of someday, as a young mother.  Someday when my kids are grown, or someday when we have more money, or someday when I am thinner...you get the idea.  I realize now how very wrong that kind of thinking was and how very much I regret it.

It is my biggest regret.  I am not saying it is wrong to dream, I am simply saying that it is important to fully live in the moment you are in.  If someday is a word that comes out of your mouth a lot then, it might be a problem.  It is so easy to think in terms of someday rather than today and to look at whatever happens today as just the stuff you have to get through to get to tomorrow then you are probably missing it.  Yes it is true to some degree but the part you are missing is that today is your life.  Today matters!  Today can be just as great as someday.

Today being a great day is not dependent so much on circumstances as you might think.  Just imagine if a Dr. told you that you only have a day to live.  Would you waist that day dreaming of what if or would you spend that day living the best way possible despite the circumstances?  We should live every day that way.  Live each day the best way possible despite any circumstances.  Make each day matter because it really does matter. Don't let the life you have right this moment pass you by because you are thinking someday.  Seize it, live it, and savor it!  Enjoy the journey as much as the arrival!
Enjoy today because there just might be some roses that you are missing!
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Unknown said...

Today is my day for "HAPPY"

Debra Howard said...

I pray your day is definitely HAPPY! Thanks for stopping by +Cynthia Banessa!

Meredith said...

Great post Debra! Amazing looking back how many of those "some days" I wouldn't even want now! Today is what the Lord has given me and learning to be content in that is a great goal for everyone! Thanks for linking up at Friday Facebook Favorites. So glad you decided to join the party!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you Meredith! I enjoyed linking up and I am always glad to find new bloggy friends!