How To Make Your First Post On Blogger

How To Make your first post on Blogger
I considered writing a complete tutorial about how to write a post on Blogger blogs, but I do not believe in reinventing the wheel unless you can improve on it's design, beauty, cost, or function. Because I found some really great tutorials on just how to do this online, and because I was short on time this week, I decided to simply direct you to those tutorials for today's post. The Blogger platform post is similar in some aspects to Word Programs. It has a similar toolbar and uses some of the same shortcuts. Be sure to stay in compose and not on the HTML option for the time being.  You will learn more about that later.

There are some great tutorials on the sites below:

WikiHow to Do Anything (Step by Step with pictures)
Blogger Tutorial on YouTube (Using older platform but you can still get the right idea)
Google Blogger Help (If all else fails by all means read the instructions. LOL because my husband hates to read instructions for shelves and such)

We will get into styling your blog next week. In the meantime you can practice posting.

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