How To Create, Style and Upload A Blogger Header

Create, style and upload a blogger header tutorial

A blog header is an important part of blog real estate. It should say something about your blog , your brand and your style. It is the first thing that readers see and so it should be treated with care.
In this post I will introduce you to some blog posts that will teach you  about making, styling, and installing a blog header on Blogger.

Blog Header Design:

You can get blog header design tips here:

Fabulous Blogging Tips                                                IFB

Web Designer Depot                                                    Sits Girls Blog                                                       
Free Headers:

You can find free blog headers and more here:

Smashing Magazine                                             Shabby Blogs

 My Style Backgrounds                                       Free Pretty Things

Blog Designs By Dani                                         Better Blog Images

The Cutest Blog On The Block                        Banner of Blessing

DIY Header:

If a DIY blog header is more your style you can find some excellent tutorials here:

Overstuffed  Tutorial For Photoshop Elements

Mama Whimsy Tutorial Using Free PicMonkey

21 Rosemary Lane Another Tutorial using Free PicMonkey

Ribbonwood Cottage Another Tutorial using Free PicMonkey

Xomisse  Tutorial using Free GIMP

Blissfully Domestic Tutorial using Free Picasa

Sunny Side Up  Tutorial using Photoshop

Install Your Header:

You have your blog header image and now you want to install it...instructions for doing that:

Plum Rose Lane

So now you have uploaded your header and it isn't in the right or perfect spot...here is where you go for the information on how to move it to the right spot:

Free Pretty Things

Carrie Loves

Hire it Done:

If you are more the kind who wants to hire someone else to take care of the details then you can find some awesome designers on Etsy who will sell you a blog header (and more) and even install it if needed. You can also google Blog designers and find 1000's of designers online.

Hopefully you have found some useful information here about blog headers. The links that I shared are some of my favorite spots for information on blogging.

Stay tuned next Tuesday when I will share more Blogger blogging tips.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for this valuable information. My blog design goal for this week is to design my header. So this came right on time.

Debra Howard said...

I am so glad it did Tameka, I hope it is helpful. Let me know if I can help you in any way.