Dangerous Foods For Cats

It is tempting to let Miss Kitty eat things that I am eating but foods that are perfectly OK for humans can actually be lethal for your cat.  

Dangerous and Sometimes Fatal Foods:
  • Onions, garlic or chives. A small amount can make them very ill. 
  • Vegetables, don't feed your cat vegetables of any kind or form. 
  • Caffeine. A small dose is usually fatal. There is no antidote.
  • Chocolate. This includes dark, milk and white chocolate. They may want it but don't let them have it.
  • Raw Bread Dough with live yeast  is very dangerous for cats. 
  • Alcohol of any kind. The ethanol will kill them. Cats like to lick up antifreeze that drips on driveways. It has ethanol in it. Take them to the vet if they do because it can kill them.
  • Moldy foods (this isn't good for anyone or any critter)
  • Raw Eggs can be dangerous for cats. They will like it but it can give them salmonella or Ecoli just like humans and the egg whites are not good for cats.
  • Tuna or other raw fish can be a treat but not regular food source. It doesn't give them enough nutrients. It can lead to malnutrition and even mercury poisoning.
  • Grapes and raisins. The experts aren't sure why but they can cause kidney failure in cats and dogs.
  • Anything sweetened with Xylitol like candy, gum, diet foods, etc. It can cause liver failure.
  • Bones can splinter and do harm to your cat's digestive system.
  • Liver can be a sometimes treat but too much can be toxic.
  • Fat trimmings can cause digestive upset.
  • Milk and Milk Products give not nutrition and can cause digestion problems. Diarrhea is no fun to clean up.
  • Mushrooms.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of dangerous foods for your cat. Use it as a guide to get you started.  Just be wary of feeding people food to your cat. Be sure to check online or with your vet if you have any questions.  If they do ingest one of the above things and show any symptoms of stomach upset, convulsions, tremors, lethargy, etc then you should take kitty to the vet. Hopefully you and your new cat will have a long healthy relationship together.

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