Common Houseplants That Can Poison Your Cat

Common plants that are toxic and can poison your cat

I planned to write a nice list of poisonous houseplants for your cat and decided to do a bit of research to make sure that I had up to date information.  In my research, I found some posts that have already been done and decided to refer you to those places rather than try to write the lists again.  Sometimes someone else does such a great job that it is better to let them take the limelight. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  I found 3 really helpful sites with lists of poisonous plants for your cat.

There is a great list along with some other great information  at Glenda Moore's Website

The ASPCA always has excellent information on toxic and non toxic plants. They also have a list with pictures of the plants.

PetMed has excellent information on what to do if your cat ingests something poisonous.

I have not personally had problems with my cat eating my plants, they just like to try and use the potting soil as a litterbox so I add pinecones on top of the soil as a mulch. It helps keep them out of my plants because the pinecones can be sharp and poke their paws.  It isn't fool proof because I have a dog that likes to grab them and use them as a play toy and chew on them but it does help.

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