A Bit O The Green

Here is another vintage post in honor of St. Patrick and Spring.  My eyes are longing for the lush green grass of Spring, the Vibrant colors of the flowers, the dew dancing on their petals, the fragrance and refreshing of the rains...I am ready for Spring.

Texasdaisey: A bit O The Green Vintage Creamer Jug

I know, I know the color studies are getting a bit old. I just had to do one more for Saint Patrick's Day. After all, I am part Irish and green was the perfect post for today.
Vintage Depression ware on A Bit O The Green at texasdaisey.com

This is a green creamer that belonged to my grandma. I love its rugged quality and it reminds me that those who came before me must have been quite rugged to survive the many hardships they faced and yet there was still beauty.

These beauties were such common things back in those days and yet now we find them so precious. Isn't it funny how that is. I wonder what things we find common will become precious to future generations.
Texasdaisey: sharing a look at A Bit O The Green vintage Depression era collection

Can you believe that I found this beautiful pitcher for 5 cents at a garage sale. If you look really close in the enlarged picture you can see a chip in the rim. I don't mind though. I find that many times it is the flaws that make us more beautiful.
Texasdaisey: A bit O the Green vintage depression era pitcher from my collection

I just love toleware. I snap it up anytime I get the chance and the price is right. This one was given to me by a beloved church. It had been used to bring food to a fellowship over the years and long ago forgotten. After a few years the church had so many dishes everywhere that no one would claim so after publishing it in the paper & announcing it in all the other churches they gave the leftovers to members. This one was given to me. It was my very first piece of toleware.
Texasdaisey sharing A Bit O The Green vintage collection tolle tray

I found this toleware box at an auction. I found it to be so beautiful that I just couldn't pass it up.
Texasdaisey: sharing A bit O the green with my vintage handpainted tole collection

Or this one.
Texasdaisey: sharing my collection of A Bit O The Green Vintage Tole

Can you tell that I like birdhouses yet? They keep popping up in my posts.

Texasdaisey: sharing my collection of A bit O the green

I just love to garden and I even like the word garden.
Texasdaisey sharing a bit O the green collection

Oh my gosh was this thing dusty when I went to photograph it. It is in a spot I guess I miss with the dust rag. It gets me to thinking, "How many beautiful things do we miss on a daily basis, things that are right there in plain sight?" Note to self: "Pay attention more to the beautiful things around me."
Texasdaisey sharing a bit O the green collection of vintage items
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Originally published March 9, 2009

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June said...

That was fun. I love anything green and all of these were lovely. I love that pitcher. I'm crazy about birdhouses too. I think we probably have quite a few things in common. Thanks for sharing.

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Love all your green treasures!!! They're lovely, thank you for sharing those. And your comment about missing things on a daily basis very thought provoking. Have a wonderful evening!! ♥ Teresa

Stacey said...

Your greens are all so soft and pretty. I love your toleware!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

LOVE it all....green is one of my fave colors. cherry

Melissa Miller said...

How pretty! ;)

The birdhouse is adorable.

Lisa said...

Oh your Green kitchen lovlies... well I'm speechless. I LOVE kitchen and I have green and red with pink and yellow for fun! My everyday dishes are Festiaware! Your kitties are sweet too!

Hugs! Lisa

Jenniemarie @ Another Housewife said...

What fun. I love the green creamer,even more so that it was your grandmas.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Jenniemarie. It is one of my favorite things.