12 More Ways To Make Income From Home As A SAHM

If you dream of being a stay at home mom or dad but you think it may not be possible, then be encouraged because  I am here to help you understand that it is possible.  

In my previous posts, I discussed ways to cut back enough to make it possible to live without your salary and ways you can make income from home. This would make you a WAHM (work at home mom.)  

This week, I want to share more creative ideas to help you achieve your dream of being a SAHM and a WAHM (although most moms work whether they are  paid or not lol.)

The ideas for working at home are endless.  The goal is to find something you love doing and find a way you can do that from home.  Here are a few ideas that may trip your trigger (that is Texan for make you happy ;0) ).
Stay At Home Mom business ideas: photographer
Photo Courtesy of: Don Valange

Professional Photographer:  Are you a shutterbug? Do you love capturing photos of the moments around you or scenery?  You can make money as a photographer in several ways.  You can do fine art if your photos are spectacular. Just frame them beautifully and enter them into galleries and a website.  You can be a freelance photographer for magazines. You can sell your photos as stock images on sites such as ShutterStock or iStock or others (there are lots of sites and no, these are not ads.) You can take family, baby, wedding, engagement, etc photos. You can even print your photos up as greeting cards or post cards to sell on Etsy or a website.  You can freelance as a photographer for blogs.  Bloggers are always looking for photographs to use. There are endless possibilities just in this category alone. There is a photographer on Instagram who made thousands of dollars in one day by offering on Instagram to sell a print of any of his Instagram posts for a small fee.  He was overwhelmed with orders and offers.  If it can happen for him then it can happen for another.

Home Business:  Many huge companies started out from home...ie. Apple, Gooseberry Patch, Paula Deen, and more.  Being a stay at home mom might be just the reason to start your own home business, then when the kids are older you can have it going and really kick it into high gear.  Do you have an idea or dream for a home business?  Try it!

Company employee (with all the benefits):  There are many many legitimate companies who hire people to work from home such as 1800Flowers, Teleflora, Amazon, Major Insurance companies such as Aetna, & Allstate and more.  No matter what your skill is, there is probably a job you can do to use your skills from home.  You will need to get online to find these jobs. A major place to find these kinds of jobs is at websites such as LinkedIn or Monster  You can also check company job listings on their websites for WAH (Work At Home) opportunities. Be savvy and don't fall for the WAH schemes that are still out there.  If you have to pay to work then it is probably a scam.  

Fiverr: This is a website where one can post jobs or services they are willing to do for $5 and up.  It is legitimate.  Post your proposed job or service here.  People make great money here.  It is also a great place to get skilled help on certain projects.

Virtual Assistant: Large bloggers, artists, home business owners, and others hire assistants to help them with certain things such as social media, typing, proofreading, editor, etc.  Every blogger or artist is different and so are their requirements.  Pay attention to the requirements before you take the job.  Make sure it will work around your children's schedule. You can find jobs such as this on Fiverr, Simply Hired.

Digital Art:  Are you skilled with photoshop, Gimp, or other such programs?  Digital art is something highly sought after for bloggers, websites, advertising, etc.  You can advertise your skills on the websites I mentioned above or you can even open your own Etsy shop and sell your digital art there.  The Stock Image sites also sell digital art.  You can also create a website and/or blog to advertise and sell your digital art.

Inventor:  Have an idea for an invention?  Maybe now is the time to do it.  Many fortunes have been made by taking the time to make and market an invention.  There is tons of information online about how to get your inventions seen by the right people.  Be aware there are scam artists in this area too so do the research to make sure you are selling your idea to a legitimate company or better yet, sell it yourself on a website and/or blog.

Baking/Cooking Home business for Stay at home moms
Photo Courtesy of: TeaCake Bake Shop
Daycare:  Love children? Start your own DayCare Service.  Be sure to do it the legal way.  Every state has their own laws about these.  This can be as small or large a service you want.  Maybe taking care of only 1 baby will be enough to make the difference for you to stay home and help another mom too.  

Baker/Cook:  Working moms love to buy premade Homemade items to feed their families especialliy around holidays.  Do you have some baking or cooking skills along with some great recipes?  Start taking orders for those items.  Package them in throw away pans.  You can post ads on your  Facebook page, Facebook Trading Posts, Local bulletin boards, or just spread the word by mouth through friends.

Be a wife for hire:  (I mean a legitimate job not where your mind may be going)  There are people who are busy and need someone to pick up their kids from school, or someone to cook supper, or to grocery shop, or pick up the dry cleaning. This can be done around your kids when you are doing your own errands.  You schedule what and when and how much.  Remember it is your business your way.
Ideas for Stay At Home Mom business: Fruit, vegetable or flower stand.
Photo Courtesy of : Lee Canon
Fresh Eggs, Fresh Produce, Or Flowers:  Do you love to raise chickens or maybe you are great at gardening?  Have you considered doing it to sell?  I'm thinking kind of like the kids lemonaid stand.  Make a fruit, flower, vegetable, or egg stand. You could also just spread the word on facebook or by word of mouth.  People love fresh organic eggs, vegetables, fruit and the sweetness of a fresh home grown bunch of flowers for their table.  Kind of like a farmer's market right in the neighborhood or local area.  Remember you only do as much as you have time, energy, and need of.
Ideas for making money as a Stay At Home Mom, tutor, teach piano
Image Courtesy of: Nabel H

Tutor or Teach:  Play piano, dance, sing, paint, or are you great at math or any other skill?  Tutor children or give piano lessons, or dance lessons or art lessons.  It can be any craft you know, there is probably someone's kid who wants to learn with a parent willing to pay.  Woodworking, guitar, math, science, reading, English, art, pottery, gardening, etc.  You decide what classes you want to teach, the age of the students, when, and where.

I have thrown lots of ideas out there...get creative...dream...spend some time doing research and just do it.  There are many things you can do to help bring in money. You can focus on just one thing or you can do several things like I did.  Just remember your schedule, your way, your needs.  Don't let the jobs suck the life and joy out of being a SAHM.  

Being a WAHM can work and it can be wonderful because it allows you to achieve the dream of being a stay at home mom. 

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