10 Easy Steps To Start A Blogger Blog

How To Start A blogger blog in 10 easy steps

Are you considering making a blog? Are you one of those people who has been reading blogs and thinking, "I could do this."? Maybe you have always dreamed of writing a book or maybe you suddenly have something to say to the world.  Do you want to promote a product or business to the world by blogging? What ever your reasons are for starting a blog, be assured that it is really easy.

When I started my first blog I didn't know anything about how they worked or how to start one. I didn't really know what they even were. I suddenly began to wonder what they were and so I Googled the word blog.  That is when my world changed forever.  I discovered Blogger and I discovered so many blogs filled with information and eye candy.  It was intoxicating.  Before I knew it I was signing up for a Blogger account.   

I didn't know the first thing about how to blog except what I saw on other blogs.  Back then there were  not many books, magazines or even many blog posts about how to start a blog. Today new bloggers have the amazing wealth of the hard won knowledge of other bloggers who have forged the trail for those who care to follow.  When I began reading those first blogs, I realized that blogs could be online journals but also that they were the magazines and books of the future.  As a magazine lover and avid reader, this turned my lights on in a way that I never imagined. I suddenly knew that this was my destiny. This was part of what I was made for. This made all the many experiences and random masses of knowledge that I had acquired, make sense.

There are many different types of blogs such as Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, etc. For our purposes we are going to be working with Blogger. They are easy and they are free.

  1. The first step in starting a blogger blog is to get a Gmail email account.  I know, you thought I was going to say create a Blogger account didn't you? 
  2. Now you can  Create a Blogger Blog by clicking on the Blogger Blog option. If it isn't there then you can find it from your email page by clicking on little cluster of squares on upper right side of screen. Drop down of apps will appear. Arrow down to find Blogger and click on it. then fill in the blanks.
  3. The next thing you will need to do is make a decision.  You must decide if you want to use a Google+ profile or a Blogger profile.  If you plan to create a blog that makes money then it is really better to use your own name and create the Google+ profile because you will need it to help promote your blog. If you want to write under a pseudonym or don't have any interest in promoting your blog at the moment then go on to create a Blogger Profile.  If you are in doubt, then start with the Blogger Profile and you can always add the Google+ later when you are ready.
  4. I will proceed as if you are starting with the Blogger profile.  Click on "Create a limited Blogger Profile".  Type a display name into the box (this can be your own name or a moniker like my Texasdaisey).  It will give you another chance to create a Google+ profile. Don't worry it won't be your last.  That can be done at any time. 
  5. Click "Continue To Blogger".  This will take you to what is called your dashboard. You will see your display name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. You will see over to the leftish side of your screen a button that says "New Blog" Click on that.
  7. Now you need a name for your blog.  This can be anything you like. It is a good idea to google the names you think you like to see if there are other blogs with that name. It is best to have a unique name but you are free to give it the same as someone else if you like. A unique name positions you to be higher in SEO ratings and to begin a brand. Don't let those words scare you, just know they are good to plan for. We will discuss these in another post. If you decide on a name and think of a better one later then it can be easily changed later.  Type in your Blog Name.
  8. The next box is for your URL address. This is the unique page address where your friends can find your blog out of billions. Lots of URLs are www.whatever.coms such as my http://www.texasdaisey.com. For the moment yours will not be like this one. It will have a .blogspot.com at the end.  This can also be changed later if desired.  For now choose one that isn't taken (it's free!). You will see a blue check mark when you have hit paydirt.
  9. Choose the simple template for the moment. This can also be changed later if needed.  
  10. Click "Create Blog" Button. You now have a Blog!  You will be taken back to your dashboard. You should see your new blog name in the list of your blogs. (Yes you can have more than one free of charge.  
You now need to create one more blog (don't panic, you will need it.)  This blog will be named "yourblognametest".  Go through and duplicate the previous steps just as before.  You now have a blog and a test blog!

The test blog will be the place you play and experiment before making changes to your actual blog. This will save lots of work, heartbreak, confusion, frustration, etc later.

In the effort to keep my posts shorter we will stop now. Next week we will discuss how to set up your profile(s) and all the places on your dashboard.

Here is an organization tip:  Be sure to write all your sign in information down somewhere so you don't forget.  I like to buy those little journals out of the $1 bins at  Michaels.  They are perfect for keeping sign in information for all the sites and accounts that I frequent.  You could also use an address book only with sign in and user info for the online sites and accounts you use. This keeps everything in alphabetical order and even easier to find.

*Assignment: Explore other blogs. Google the word blog and any subject you are interested in.  Some blogs will have blogrolls (a list of blogs they like) that will take you to many other blogs, which will take you to many more blogs. Pay attention to colors, styles, backgrounds, fonts, etc. Make notes of what you like.  You can also find some of my favorite blogs on My Pinterest. See it really is easy to start a blog!

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