What To Do If Your Cat Has Fleas

I have had many cats and or kittens dropped off at my doorstep because someone knew I would take them in (I know I am a sucker). Most of the time those cats are infested with fleas. I have learned a great way to get rid of fleas on my cat quickly and easily.
As soon as I realize the cat has fleas, I quickly act so that my home and yard are not infested too. I know they have fleas because I will see little brown or black colored specks crawling on them. I can especially see them when the cat is wet. The cat will also be scratching and biting at itself.

The first thing I do is give the cat a bath. Yes, you read right. The cat gets a bath, no matter how old the cat is.  They aren't usually very happy about this and some will try to scratch and bite but it is necessary to get rid of as many fleas as quickly as possible and a bath is the first step. I bathe the cat with Dawn Dish Washing Liquid. The sulfates in the Dawn kills the fleas.  I will soap the cat really well and leave it on for at least 5 minutes to allow the soap to do it's job.  I usually have to repeat at least once. There will be dying fleas floating in the water.

The next step is to wrap the cat in a light colored towel (so you can see any escapee fleas) and take the cat (still wet) into a place where the light is very bright. I take a cup of soapy water, and tweezers as well.  I then work my way over the cat's entire body and tweeze off any fleas that remain on the cat. I drop them into the soapy water which causes them to drown. You can use a flea comb instead of tweezers which will get the fleas and the eggs. Dip the flea comb into the soapy water Most of them should be dead or dying but this ensures that.  This step may take some time but it is worth it. I do this step when the cat is wet because it is easier to locate the fleas.

There are choices for the next step (only choose 1).

  1. Apply flea drops such as Frontline or Advantage (only if the cat is 12 weeks or more) Do not do this to cats under 12 weeks of age or on pregnant or nursing cats.
  2. Dust the kittens or cat with Johnson's Baby Powder.
  3. Dust with flea powder. (Do not use on kittens under 12 weeks or on pregnant or nursing cats
  4. Administer Oral Flea Treatment (Get from Veterinarian)
  5. Do NOT use more than one of the above list items or it may poison your cat.
  6. Do NOT use products for dogs on your cat (it is too strong and can poison your cat)
  7. Do NOT feed your cat garlic. This is toxic for your cat and can cause feline anemia
  8. Do NOT use pure grade essential oils on your cat this is toxic to cats. 
To take care of Fleas in their bed:

  1. Dust their bed with amorphous diatomaceous earth or Flea Powder
  2. Wash and dry their bed once a week.
  3. Vacuum area where their bed is frequently
If you are diligent then, you will conquer the fleas and it is simply a matter of prevention after that. Prevent fleas by continuing to use the item you chose from the first list.
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