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blogger workspace

Do you ever wonder where bloggers work and what their workspace looks like. I must confess that I do wonder that all the time.  Do they have a wonderful office? Is it a cute little nook or maybe a comfy chair where they do their blogging?  
Where a Blogger works
I decided that because I wonder about where others do it, then maybe I should show you where I do it. This is how my space looks on bill paying/payday.  Don't let my little piles fool you into believing that I am not organized. I do have a system and I am sharing it on Tuesdays.  This system keeps me organized and helps me to locate anything I need during the current year and even years later.  
My spot used to be in my comfy robin's egg blue leather chair with my feet propped up on a matching ottoman but alas, it didn't love me back as much as I loved it.  I developed neck/spine problems which caused me great pain and about 3 months of misery with medicines and immobility (Not cool!) 
Blogger Workspace
I discovered that if I sat on my bed with my back propped against the headboard and used a computer lap desk then no neck problems and no pain. The desk was already taken by my dear husband and I couldn't really begrudge him that since he gave me my wonderful, awesome, amazing, large, studio/workshop that we named Debbie Land! He really does love me and so letting him have the desk is one of my ways of loving him. 
Texasdaisey Blogger Blog workspace
I really am curious though, Where do you do it?  What does your blogging work space look like? 

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Wendy said...

Your computer is just lovely!! Did you paint that juicy lady yourself sweet Debra??? And how did you attach her to your laptop?? I just recently received a laptop for my birthday and want to decorate it somehow, your gorgeous lady is just the inspiration I need to create something <3
Thank you so much!! And thank you so much for all of your work on explaining the blogger blogging things. I had a blogger blog about 4 years ago--then life got in the way. I'm going to start it up again. Looking for things to make me happy again, you know?? So thank you sweet Debra--fellow Texan!!! The stars at night are big and bright baby!!!!! Hugs to you!!!! I live in the northern suburbs of Houston....went to college in Irving....never want to live outside of Texas!! Love it too much!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you for stopping by Texasdaisey Creations. Like you, I never want to leave Texas. I do love her! I live in Seymour, up near Wichita Falls, I lived in the Panhandle during my younger days. I didn't paint my computer although that is a pretty cool idea...that is just about the only thing I haven't tried to paint so now you have my head humming with ideas. lol. I actually purchased a skin it from http://www.skinit.com/ online. I have the same sweet lady on my cell phone otter box. I really do enjoy her so much. There are tons of pictures you can purchase for a skin it. I do believe you can even send your own image in and have one made (not certain on that). Anyway, it has held up really well and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to make their computer a little more personal. Blessings to you and your blog dear.