The Best and Worst of Times

Tale of two cities, quote. It is the Best of Times, it is the worst of times...How I find hope even in despair
Many of the voices in the church have been declaring that we are in the best of times and the worst of times. I even read a great blog post about this today. I would definitely agree that I have been experiencing the best and the worst. My life has been filled with happiness and sadness, light and dark, feast and famine, weakness and strength...all the opposites.

My past week would definitely be a picture of this. In the past week I have seen ups and downs that I would have never dreamed of experiencing in such a short time.  It seems that before I can get through the downs then there are highs and then back down again...kind of like a roller coaster. 
One of those things was a phone call  that informed me that my dad was in renal failure and had a blood pressure that was near death...I can't even describe how that felt.  I don't know how I could have got through it without so many people who prayed for him and for me (If you were one of those then I thank you.)  How do people do it without that? My dad thankfully has turned around and he is doing much better now although he has many health issues that will have to improve before he can leave the hospital again.
This weekend I also had the sweet sweet privilege to witness the church and my children pledge to raise my granddaughter in the Christian lifestyle and belief system. Oh how that pleases me. It made my heart burst with joy to remember the promise that God has made to me that He will save all my seed. I look forward to the day when that sweet little girl chooses to give her life to Jesus.  I don't know what circumstances that will happen in but I know it will because I know and love a God who is faithful to His word.  
It is that understanding that I cling to when I face the best and the worst whether I am facing illness in the lives of my loved ones,or receiving sweet smiles and kisses from my grandchildren. The ups and downs in our family life, or marriage, or finances or even our own health come and go, But my God is always there and He is bigger than any hard thing I might face. He is good and He is good to me. I might forget this truth for a moment when I get knocked down by circumstances, but I will always remember again, get back up and begin once again to declare those words over every circumstance in my life.  I will continue to declare them  no matter how bitter or sweet my days until I see the goodness of God manifested just as He promised.
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