Sometimes It Is The Little Things

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most and make me happy. Things like the way little leaves and light play on the sidewalk, or the way my birds sound when they chatter in the mornings. Things like how much more enjoyable a movie is when they play songs from my youth. Sometimes it is the little things that really do matter.
Sometimes it is the little things that matter most by Texasdaisey
Have you ever noticed that in your life? How it makes you smile inside when someone gives you a genuine compliment? How it makes you feel when a man opens the door for you? How a simple thank you from your children makes all of it feel worthwhile?  

I have been noticing little things lately. I notice how much I appreciate that little thingy that holds the gas cap to my car when I had to hold my daughter's gas cap in one hand while I filled her tank with the other. I notice the special and creative ways that many people package their wares when you order on Etsy. I notice those little extra notes scrawled on the outside of an envelope when it comes in the mail.  I notice how pleasant it is that my dryer plays a little song when the clothes are done rather than that obnoxious sound my last one did.

Those little things really do matter sometimes. Who knows how much that smile or compliment might mean to someone who is having a bad day. That cappuccino that I bought for that car behind me might be a sweet balm for that person spending their last dollar for a bit of stress release in a cup.  The toll I paid for that car behind me might be a Godsend for that guy scrambling for change in his car, hoping he has enough because he forgot to get some cash. 

I have discovered that when I find myself getting frustrated with the lady at the store who is subtly pushing her way in line ahead of me that I feel so much better if I just offer her the spot. I turned something negative into a positive because suddenly I feel good about it instead.  I notice that it feels good to give that waitress a bigger tip even though she accidentally spilled the tray of drinks in my lap. What does it really cost me when I offer the little things?

Go ahead, pay the bus fare for that stranger behind you, or open the door for that family coming to the door at the same time as you, or spend a few extra minutes making that thing you are working on extra special, then you will see how good it really feels inside to just offer up the little things. Sometimes it is the little things that really can make a difference for someone else and you will feel happier inside knowing that you did that.  Sometimes it is the little things that make the world a little brighter and happier place to be.

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Michelle said...

The little things really are the most important!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you! I have really been noticing them alot lately :)